Friday, February 3, 2012

Ch ch ch changes....

Devin's new bed came home tonight, before it was set up though I had one last cuddle on the old mattress.  Melissa and Sherry R came over to help set things up and take out the old. 

All the extra people and movement around the apartment had me a little stressed. I wasn't sure what was coming or who was going.  Was I going to be next ????

Sneaky persistent Melissa managed to convince me to come lay down with her.

Hanging out with Melissa on the "old" bed.

My "improved" bed.  Me likes the memory foam.  Have I died and gone to heaven???

Looking at Sherry R while she takes my photo.  I feel like someone on that TMZ show! *flash flash flash, click click click*

I haven't jumped up on the new bed just yet.  I think I'll wait for Devin to go to work, then i'll make myself comfy. I was already warned not to fall off the bed, it's a long way down.

Time for bed!


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