Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day

 Taken Yesterday:
(taken yesterday when Devin came home from work)  z  z z

I was ready for supper, but Devin was getting ready for work. I decided to lay a smack down on bunny!

This morning:

Devin came home to find me "in bed" this morning.

Are we going to start this already?? *Flash*

Nope, not interested in going out, thanks though for asking.

We did finally go for a walk, it sure was cold out this morning!! 
 Once in I curled up on my bed for a little nap.

Devin went to take a bath - I stole back my spot in bed

Then I was told to "move" - So back to my bed I went.
Frog kept me company for a bit. I was telling stories, really I didn't they were that entertaining but he did.
Frog: omg omg omg - Tell me, that story again, that's so Hilllllarrriousss!
He's easily entertained.

 Devin and I went to the dog park to meet up with Melissa/Sherry and the "twins" Ellie and Bella.
Melissa and Sherry took them in - they were found on the side of the road abandoned :(  They have a wonderful home now!  Lots of love.

Devin - can you pleaseeeeeeee stop singing.

The torture I go through to get to the park....
Roaming around while everyone else socialized.

Watching from a distance

After chasing the ball a few times, and roaming I had enough excitement.  I don't understand why the rest of them have to be so uncivilized, they act like a pack of wild dogs!
Le sigh

Bella and Ellie from afar - they found the rock to stand on.  A bit timid with the other dogs, but after a while they joined in.

 Melissa called one of the girls over.  I was still chillin' under my tree away from all the nonsense.

Hmm...what's this about?

Twins: no you go, no you go.....He's not looking..You go

Twins: we'll go together!  Deal!  

Twins: You take one side, I'll get the other
Maggie came by to check me out.  I'm going to point out the obvious here. She weights more than me. I was less than impressed when she started playing around me with another dog, then fell on my bum/hip. I let out one roaarrrrrrrr and stood right up.  I was so comfy too. *ugh* "Dogs".  She dirtied my jacket too! (BIG EYE ROLL)
Pre- Maggie falling on me.   Ellie, Bella, Yokie and Maggie playing near me.  Geez I moved under the tree to get away from their uncivilized acts.
Yokie and one of the twins running around me.  Really?? You have all that area to play in. you have to come play in my dirt???

Melissa brought out one of the ball hockey balls. IT WAS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!
Sorry Maggie, I'm not interested. *chomp chomp nom nom on the orange ball*

The Twins and this spring activated dog.  Devin was nervous that my prey drive would kick in because it was so bouncy. I could careless; my total focus was on that orange ball.
Bella  :)

nom nom nom nom

Dirty jacket - Thanks Maggie, my hip thanks you *ok i'm being dramatic*

oh...there's other dogs here???
nom nom nom
Back in the car - I bring a whole new meaning to "riding dirty".  I could use a foot bath!

z  z 

So my meeting with the twins went well. They were funny to watch play.  As they got into the whole "play" thing, they were pouncing like a fox would at a field mouse.

More friends :)
Still wish I had more greyfriends...


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