Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's snnnnnnowing!!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE the snow!

Devin bundled me up for our walk this morning.  Jacket and head muff, I was ready to go!
I kept my "zoomies" to a limit; Devin accommodated me in lieu of zoomies, we ran a bit through the snow

So much snow has fallen here overnight that Devin said that we looked like ROCKY running through the stuff.

I lead most of the way today, it was hard to see with all that flying snow coming at us.  When we came to a corner down the street, I wasn't sure how to get over it the mountain of snow. Devin showed me "Like this Milo".  I jumped right over and onward we went.  On the way back, i found Devin's footprints and walked in those, I'm no dummy! hehe

Last night Devin came out to say goodnight to me, toothpaste in mouth and mumbled voice, I didn't hear; completely zonked out.  When Devin went to pet me I startled; nothing bad, just jerked. 
Toothpaste monster!

Devin came back and apologized to me; with an empty mouth this time, i was able to hear and understand what was being said to me.  Craazy humans!
pre-startle 1
pre-startle 2
In the middle of the night Devin came wandering for a glass of water. I was found hanging my head out of my "nest".  Sometimes I can make that "nest" of mine look realllllllly HUGE while other times I look like I could use another 3 feet.

 Devin thinks I resemble Big Bird sometimes, What do you think????

Laundry day (again) - No fussing today.  Devin stripped my "Nest" bed casing and tossed that in the wash for me.  Devin said it was long overdue, personally I think it was just right.  Now i'm going have to get my "non-smell" on it allll over again. Hmpft*

Not sure what we're doing today, I don't imagine we will be going too far.  The roads aren't nice at all.
These are the days that Devin wishes we had a backyard to go romp around in.  I  couldn't agree more.


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