Monday, February 6, 2012

Letting Off Some Winter Steam - At The Park

Where do I even start???

Last night I jumped up on Devin's bed. We hung out there together for a bit, then Devin evicted me to my bed (beside the big bed).  I didn't complain much at all.  Since Devin gave me the memory foam for my "old bones" to lay on, i've been in heaven.  I still prefer my "nest bed", but i'm coming around.

 I'm a lot like Devin, I end up in every other position while sleeping.  MONKEY!!!!


1) We went for a walk this morning - ALONG OUR SUMMER ROUTE!
It felt good to stretch my legs.  On our way back home we met up with Bonnie and "Henry".
Henry stayed on the other side of the street, as Bonnie said he needs to learn his manners.  He's a rescue too :)
A black lab - FULL OF ENERGY!  

Maybe when Henry calms down we can be friends??

On our way back home we stopped in to see Nana and Rye-Lee.  It was a quick visit; long enough to sneak in a quick nap and treat.

Once back home Devin got ready to go into town.  I didn't really care much for this. In fact I did some pacing and panting.  Devin told me I'd be alright and that I'd be getting a few KONGS soon.  I didn't care, I didn't want to be alone. :(

Devin gave me 4 KONGS, I quickly forgot what I was bent out of shape over.
Nom nom, leaving? huh? er..nom nom see ya!! 

Devin had to go to town to pick up a headlight bulb.  Once home it wasn't the right one :(
Lucky for me though that meant I was going on a roadtrip!!!

We went to wal-mart, Benson's then over to see Melissa with the light bulb. Always heaps of lovin' when I see Melissa.  She will forever be the one who showed me how comfy a bed is. heehee*

Road trip
Checkin' things out...

This got old quick....

If you could read my mind?

Hmmmm...Where are we going now Devin??

I was told that we'd be going to the park. Even though it was against Devin's better judgment.....
I'll just curl up now. Wake me up when we get there....

 As we rolled up I came to life in the backseat. I ALWAYS know when we're getting to the park!
My tail was wagging  a mile(o) minute. Devin couldn't get those winter boots on fast enough for my liking!

It looked pretty icy when we walked up to the park. Once inside it wasn't bad at all.  The "ice" was actually slushy stuff.  I poked around for a bit, then "Pheobe" came.  I just met her today :)   Her daddy was one of the people involved with getting this park up and running for us all.  We thanked her Dad :)

Checking things out

Where's Milo?

Trala lalalalala

Devin decided it was a bit chilly with the wind for me to be without a jacket. On it came *meh*
The pink football came out too. YAY! (against Devin's better judgment).....

Pheobe trailing behind me. She tried to chase after the ball but her little legs couldn't keep up with my grasshopper legs!

Me n' Pheobe

Takin' a break!

Devin saw that cut up on my rear back foot and one of my front feet.  there was a bit of blood, nothing major, but still a cut for me.


The fun came to an end.  Back home we had to come.

 Once home Devin decided that I was due for a bath.  I didn't think I needed one and slinked the whole way into the bathroom.  I had a bubble bath soak for my feet, and Devin washed me down. 

Once out, Devin told me "We're cleaning those ears of yours".  my tail dipped between my legs and my head...well I could have tripped over it i was hanging it so low.  I DO NOT LIKE EAR CLEANING TIME.
mini protest to ear cleaning. found what "corner" i could in that bathroom of Devin's and curled up. 

Today I was a bit dramatic with the ear cleaning, i let out a little cry here and there when Devin hadn't even put the solution in my ears.  NOTE TO SELF* wait for drops to enter inside ears before whining*

Ahhhh Clean from my bath..

 When Devin finished with my ears, the bathroom door was opened and I made a run for my "nest".  Safety amongst friends/"stuffies".

Devin did give me a cookie for being such a good boy.   

Now just about all my bedding along with my car hammock and blanket are in the wash. 
Things will soon smell nice by human standard...I'll work at getting my own smell (cedar chip smell) back on things.


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