Friday, February 10, 2012


Wednesday/Thursday -   Sometimes I don't have a chance to get to the computer before Devin had to go off to work.  We are on a tight schedule most days that doesn't allow for much time on those evil "work days".

The other day I decided I'd cuddle up with Devin on the "big bed" before Devin had to go into work for the night.

Waiting for Devin
 It was short lived, I went and plopped myself down on my bed...

z  zzz

Loooook innntooo my eyeesssssss - Yooouuu wiiilll staayyy with meeeee tooniiggghhht andddd nooott goooo to wooooork......
 Yeah that didn't work.

When Devin arrived home yesterday morning from work I was quick to find myself up on the big bed.
Devin took this opportunity to come at my mouth with my toothbrush and tooth paste.
I don't mind having my teeth brushed one bit.  6 months ago I didn't care much for it, but now I just lay there and deal with it.
Not looking like I like the tooth brushin' thing, but I do :)

Teef all brushed, ready for bed :)

 Last night while Devin had 1 foot inside the bathroom, I executed Covert OPERATION: STEAL BODY PILLOW.

I saw Devin start to head into the washroom, I took this as my opportunity to execute "Grab N' Go".
I picked up the body pillow from Devin's room and ran it down the hall. I made it to the outside of my crate and dropped it. It felt like Devin popped out from nowhere and asked "What on earth are you doing?" and "Milo I have seen it all with you now".  I was just going to town on the pillow, nipping it, trying to toss it. BEST FUN EVER!!!!  

BEST FUN EVER lasted all of 15 seconds.  I got busted with the video camera.

Photo documentation of the body pillow incident :)

uh... I was just...uh...

Going bringing it out here to lay on.  Yeah that's it....

Look I'm cute. How could you NOT love me??? :)

Then it was time for Devin to go to work.....  KONG TIME!!! Yeah yeah whatever, bye, see ya, go, I'm busy!
 Devin had to bring the truck in today to get the muffler fixed.  I had an ice treat upon the return! :)
nom nom nom - Devin put the ice in my food dish rather than in the water dish - I do like bobbing for them in the water dish though!  Maybe I was a Lab in my previous life???
Nom nom nom

nom nom nom


back inside my nest to finish up the lovely ice treats!

Oh I almost forgot. While Nana and I were out for our evening stroll, we met up with JP and Nan :)
We shared a kiss under the full moon.  I wish Nan didn't have to move. I think we could have a future together. She's a much older than me, but that's okay.  We're both retired. 


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