Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Devin Is Learning....

Devin came home to find me asleep in my "nest" this morning.  It took some convincing, but we went for a quick walk, had breakfast, my morning pill then puttered about.

Devin had to do some laundry.  I let out a bit of a peep out one of the times I was left alone. 
Devin did leave a KONG for me to find in the hallway; i overlooked that as i made the door my main focus point.   
Lesson Learned: Give me the KONG so i know it's there when you leave.

The rest of the laundry was completed without incident.  I waited by the door or in the hallway for the return.

I can't say I like this week very much.  I don't get much Devin time.
Mon-Tues: nights
Wed: we slept some of the day
Thur: back to work for training
Fri-Sat-Sun: day shift

At least I have my Nana :(

Where I was found this morning - Curled up in my "nest"

Later on in the day - Hiding my nose, z z z

This evening while Devin was making supper I decided to bring the jacket out into the hallway. Devin came running thinking I had gotten into something in the computer room. 
I was greeted with "what do you think you're doing"?   I instantly dropped the jacket from my mouth.
I was just trying to carry it out into the living room.  Devin helped by bringing it into the living room.

What started out as an innocent cuddle with the jacket, turned into me having a little "nibble" on the collar.
Devin corrected me.... My bad, I thought it was mine to do what I pleased with it...
Nibble Nibble

Given toys to play with instead of the jacket..... Hmpft*

Chillin' on my bed

z z z z

Honestly, I do actually stand up from time to time.

Devin gave me half of a milkbone.  I did have to work for it though.  I was told to lay down.  I was going around in crazy circles not knowing what to do. I kept running back into my "nest".  Devin would call me out and i'd go in my crazy circles again.  This went on for about 1-2 mins.  I finally understood what was expected of me.  When I laid down that's when I was given my cookie and praised. :)

Well that's it from me.  I think we're going to call it a night soon.
Early day tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Look (Read) What I can do!

This morning when Devin came home I was found on my bed.  There too much convincing to get me to get off my bed.  I looked none too impressed....

Back to bed after having going for my walk and having breakfast

So now on to my big news!

Devin did some Touch Target training with me this afternoon.  I now lay down on verbal command and I can "roll over" (really it's me just flopping to my side; but it's a start).

I like this new "job" Devin has me doing.  I can't wait for my obedient classes.   I really like learning new things.

That's it for today.  Almost walk time, supper time, and bed time (again).


Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Day In The Life....

Today has been much the same as yesterday.  We got up at 0649hrs on the dot, had breakfast, pill then went went back to bed.  We got around 8 or 9 then went out for our morning walk.  We're still doing the old route. I like that one. 

Last night we stopped by Nana's house and she came along for a walk with us.  Nana just about walked past me, but i nudged her and got some lovin'. I think Nana was just seeing what I'd do if she ignored me.  Silly Nana.

Crashed out on my bed last night
z z z z

 Devin woke me up this morning. This is how i was found laying on my bed; half on and half off.

After our morning walk, I laid outside my "nest".  For the past few days we have been doing "target touch" training.  I was waiting!

Our training session was a success.  I just about have the command "lay down" figured out.  Each time Devin asked if of me, I found space on my folded up blanket and laid myself down. 
Smart Cookie I am!

Back to the night shift routine. Nana is coming over tonight to take me out. 
Devin said it's going to be a long week and weekend.  6 out of the 7 days are going to be spent at work.
Good thing they picked up my KONGS yesterday!
AND I have my Nana for company. :)


Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Thinker

Nana Is The BEST Nana!

Nana, Devin and I went to check out petsmart. It turns out the store isn't open yet :(

We turned around and went to wal-mart.  They had a sale on the KONGS, BUT they don't carry the XL size that I needed. 

Next stop - Pet Value.  We picked up 2 KONGS at one location, then went down to the other location to pick up 2 more.  While at both locations I received TONS of lovin' from a bunch of people; Never a shortage!

No petsmart :(

My KONG haul.  THANK YOU NANA!!! :)

Devin was in the computer room when apparently a "slurp, chomp" sound could be heard. 


Devin decided to take the KONGS out of the packaging to let me explore.

Lining up the KONGS

So many to choose from!

Rolling them around

Hmmm maybe this one?? *Chomp*

What gives?? No food in any of them :(

I can't wait for them to be filled with goodness!!


Lazy Dayz

I've been quite content these days to stay in my "nest" over night while Devin is in the bedroom.
Truth be told I find it warmer in my "nest" than in the bedroom with that fan running and the window open a crack.

Devin came out to check on me a few times..... to the paw!

After breakfast I did my usual. I came into the bedroom to cuddle for a bit.  Devin warned me a few times that i'd fall off the bed; i'm still getting used to the new room setup.

One too many stretches later, i found myself like Bambi on ice my front feet desperately trying to hold on to the bed while my bum hit the ground.  Apparently it was quite the sight to see.  I repositioned myself back on the bed without missing a beat.

While on our walk this morning there were TONS of geese flying over head.  I didn't know what to make of them at first, all that honking made me stop a few times and look around.
 Once back from our walk Devin brought out my blanket.  Target Training time!!! yay!
I ran right to the blanket and stood there waiting for our session to begin.
  Devin took too long to break up the liver treats. I decided to lay down while Devin set up shop.

I did really well today. Along with the usual we worked on distance and laying down.  I nailed the laying down a few times.
At one point I did get discouraged and almost made it back into my "nest"; but Devin stopped me and got me back into the game. 

Devin worked out today - This is what I did....

It's a rough life I know....

Random.  Nana mentioned to Devin yesterday about going to petsmart to look for my (4) KONGS If Devin and Nana go to petsmart today I'll be going with them.  YAY!

That's it for me.  Back to sleep