Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spices Anyone?

Last night - Crash

I've had quite the day today.   Before leaving Devin asked me if i was going to be a good boy.  These were the eyes i flashed.  Which generally indicates that i WILL be up to something.

Oh really? Leaving? We'll see...

Yeah, uh huh... sure... I'll be "good"

The first time Devin tried to leave the apartment i threw a big fit - yelping/barking.  Devin waited at the end of the hallway outside one of the doors to see if i'd end the scene.  NOPE.
In came Devin...

I managed to steal this from the spice rack.  Never have I made an attempt to go near that rack. Today though. I'm exploring...

I was given a brief lecture of "bad".   After a few moments Devin said to me that I obviously couldn't be left alone with free reign of the house.  "Kennel Up" it was.  I went in without protest.  THEN.... The door was closed behind me.  That hasn't happened in months!  I wasn't too keen on that idea.  I threw another fit when Devin left.    Again back into the house Devin came (oh yeah, i have it figured out now!). 

Cayenne Pepper - stolen from spice rack.

Devin called Nana for some advice.  Nana suggested having me Kennel Up while I sit there just to see if i'd settle.  It took me sometime to settled down.  Devin gradually started getting a jacket on....shoes... tossed keys in the pocket.  That's when I became concerned.  After i settled in Devin slipped out.  I didn't like that very much.  PROTEST with cries.....  Devin didn't come back this time :(

Less than an hour or so later Devin came back. I was insanely excited for this arrival.  I was doing laps around the kitchen, living room, pacing, wagging.  Devin gave me a quick pat and said hi then ignored me until i settled down.  I'm so not liking this time away from Devin.

I was told this along with a teeth cleaning is going to be my Christmas present this year. So much for surprises..hmpft*

Checking out my BIG gift

Model Pose 1

Devin cleaned the carpet while I laid in my "nest". 


Nana came over to help out.  Devin had to do laundry and with the way things have been going it's best i'm not left unsupervised. 

When Devin went off with the laundry Nana stayed with me.  That didn't really do anything for me.  I went to the door after Devin and cried. Nana "shhhed" me and I stopped.   Next thing Nana knew I was helping myself to the spice rack on the counter.  Nana  "ah ah ahaha" me. I stopped dead what i was doing and went directly into my crate.  I knew what I was doing.  Nana has eyes like a hawk!

So here we are now....
I'm relaxing in my "nest", Devin is somewhat housebound until tomorrow morning. That suits me just fine.

I forgot to mention - Devin didn't sleep much at all last night.  I slept okay considering i had someone poking me every so often.  I decided it would be a good idea if i stayed out in the living room to sleep last night.
Devin checked on me throughout the night.  There was some concern this morning when I didn't meander in to be brought outside.  It was nearly 7am when Devin had to put my collar on me while I laid in my "nest" and give me a little tug to get outside.    Here's to a better evening.


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