Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Nana came by with a HUGE bag for me. I buried my head deep into the bag.  I am in blanket heaven right now!

Devin and Nana bulked up my bed for me. I feel like i'm floating on a cloud.  I dare say my bed is now more comfy than Devin's. Shhhh*

Nana and Devin also loaded up my "nest" with another blanket.  I feel snug as a bug in a rug.  Thank you Nana!!!!

Checking out the loot!

Sniffing around


Oh yay!!! another blanket!!!! :)
Do you have something else for me Nana??

Rooting the blankets around

What to do, what to do??
I've got it! I'm going to lay down riiiiiight  here

Burying my head into my new blankets

Oh yeah, i could get used to this

Resting my head
Looking up at Nana

Hiding my head

Loving my bed o' blankets

rooting some more
Oh yeah

Ear 1

Ear 2

Uh, is there where my new bed is going??
Couldn't wait to try out my new and improved bed

Couldn't wait for Devin to put my blankets back on the bed. Ran under them

Le Sigh*

Ello there
Now to make my "nest"

"nest o' blankets"
Just the right height for my neck. No more awkward angles

z z z   Thanks Nana!

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