Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar....

For my walk this morning I chose my old route.  We met Nana at her place (she was driving over to our place thinking we were taking our "newer" route.  I had a wonderful walk through the park. I even stopped by this one tree for a salad bar.  MmmmMmMm 
I was making Devin dizzy i think by going round and round and round the tree grazing on the delicious grass.

This evening Devin went out with the girls.  In the time frame of about 30mins i managed to help myself to a container of (approx 20 small) peanut butter cookies.  When Nana came to let me out she found a beat up container and lid.

Photos *


Playing hard to get


I sssssseee you

Ssssnakes make greyt pillows

More sssleeps


and around

and around
and around some more

on a mission

Who stole the cookies from the plastic jar???
Was it you?  No?

The who? (crumbs left at the scene of the crime)

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