Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My First Snow Fall - November 23, 2011: I'm not in Texas Anymore...

Last night -refused to sleep in the bedroom. I was enjoying my alone time. *nose/head under bunny*

When Devin took me outside this morning I was a bit confused with what was going on.
Our morning walk (4am) was a strange yet fun one.  I was first hesitant to go out the front door. I was watching from the "safe" side of the glass.  Devin got me to go down the stairs; and I was off!

Checking out the white stuff from behind the safety /warm of the glass door

I had a major case of the zoomies on the entire walk. We didn't go very far; but far enough though for me to do my morning business.  I jumped, sprinted, flew to the end of my leash many times. Devin had to reel me back in.  This white stuff is fuuuun!

First few steps - blurry

Okay, so it's safe to walk on??

ooops - Don't eat the yellow snow!
 AND....We're off!


Dashing Zoomies

Sat down in the snow for a moment. I was just gearing up to run full pin.

Off again....

Dashing through the snow.....

Happy tail. wagging all the wayyyyyy

And back home we go

My first snow paw prints :)  They kinda resemble a deer/rabbit.

This evening when Devin came home from work we went for a quick walk. I was a bit more tame with this stroll. I tried to climb a snow hill and ended up with snow up to my armpits.

Charlie Sheen nose


warp speed ahead!!

Heading back home after our pre dinner stroll.

This piece of snow caught my eye. I went charging towards it. Stopped....sniffed. pawed/clawed it then continued on my way.  So many strange things!

I didn't destroy anything while Devin was away at work today.  Nana came by and let me out. We went for a walk. Poor Nana was very nervous about taking me out.  Apparently Devin called and warned Nana this morning to be careful with me as I had those "zoomies" this morning.  If I were to take off I'd surely take Nana's arm with me.

I did attempt to zoomie on Nana, but she had me so tight in her "paw" i couldn't get off the ground.  Nana may be small but she sure had a death grip on me.  A few coughs let Nana know she was holding on a weeee bit too tight. I know she had my best interest at heart though.  

Green Beans 2 - Milo 0.
Nana got me with the green beans again.

Getting back to me not destroying anything or getting into anything while Devin was at work....
below is a photo of the sweater i pulled out from my bed in the bedroom.  Devin has been leaving it for me so I don't feel so lonely.  I decided I wanted it out by my crate.    :)

Devin's jacket that i relocated from my bed to the living room - sometime after Nana left me.

 Video footage to come of my first snow walk/zoomies.

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