Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Frozen Green Beans 1 - Milo 0

Bribery works every time....

I still wasn't moving for anything; that's until the frozen green bean trick was used.  I'll tell you something though. I'm slowly getting wise to this "bean" trick.   Devin gave me one while i was laying in my "nest", then i heard a few drop into my bowl. I stayed there contemplating whether it was worth my while to go for those few pieces or if it were just best to stay where I was at.

Beans win me over every time!  So    hard     to   resist......

After eating up the beans in my bowl I tried to pull a fast one over on Devin. I did this sneaky maneuver and tried to dart for my "nest".  Devin was on to me though; i was redirected to the door.  I did my usual "streeettcccch", only this time I laid myself down on the floor.  Nope, wasn't getting up.

Devin worked around that though and got me into my winter coat.  I continued to lay there while Devin put on my collars and leash.  I guess I should have known i wasn't going to win after all.

 Back home and in my nest I went.  I was given a few more frozen green beans for being a good boy.

Well you got me this far.....

Still protesting...

Ok, lets go


bookin' it home!


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