Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 3 Clomicalm

Parental Note*

Is it possible that he is smart enough to know when I'm going to work and when my days off are?
What do I do differently? Is there a certain process I do before departing that's different that other times?

Last night as I was nearing to leave for work, Milo look a look at me and just hopped up on the bed and curled up. I asked him if that was it for the evening? Told him that his Nana would be by to let him out.
I left random articles of clothing (shirts fleece zip-ups) around in the areas he lays around in to give him some comfort of my "smell".  I've done this in the past, but only leaving a t'shirt here and there for him; not religiously by any means.

As exited the apartment he made no attempt to leave the bed. I went down the hall and through the set of doors. I stood there for a moment.  There wasn't a peep to be heard.  I thought to myself, that doesn't mean he isn't getting into anything. 

Mum came by to let him out, and to give him his KONG. She didn't have any destruction to deal with nor did I in the morning. 

I was worried that he'd be a zombie on these "temp" meds.  He had a wicked case of the zoomies this afternoon as we walked back from our walk.   He get this look in his eyes and takes off.  It's something to see. I wish he'd do that in the park instead of when he's on his leash. He runs just about to the end of it and then takes off in the other direction.  You can call him in a bit, but then off he goes again. It's quite the sight to see.

Believe it or not i sleep in my bed for the better part of the time.  MOST times than not. Every now and then, either after we've been up a few times or after i've been fed I do like to cuddle up. 


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