Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Story Time and Clomicalm Day 6

Quick story:

Melissa and Sherry R came over on Sunday evening to let me out.  When Melissa walked into the apartment she saw that the bowl of red potatoes that normally sits atop the toaster oven had fallen over. Melissa found two yams untouched by my crate; I was in the bedroom on my bed.  Melissa told me that she didn't think the yam belonged there.  I crept off into my crate.

Side note* I was quiet and didn't cry when Devin went to work.  That's a plus, right?

Today there was a bit of crying to be had when Devin went to do the laundry.  I cried a few but gave up and plopped myself down against the door. Devin had to be careful opening it.  At least I've come to not lay up against the door while Devin's home.  I used to do that back when I first came to live here. 

Devin had to go into town today for a few things. On our morning walk we stopped by Nana's and I stayed there while Devin went out.  I went to the door a few times then quickly settled down in my usual spot.
I was a good boy of Nana :)

When I came home Devin decided it was time to rearrange the bedroom for the winter months.  We're still trying to find the best place for my bed to go.  I'm rather content though to have it where it's at. I'm up against the bed and the wall.  The only down fall i hear Devin muttering about is the closet door.
We need a bigger place :)

Devin gave me a bath this afternoon to try and:
1) get the ultrasound goo off of me
2) help me shed some of my summery coat - i've been shedding up a storm these past few weeks.

Clomicalm update:
Nothing really to report. The pills have definitely taken the edge off of being left alone.
Where I was throwing fits as soon as Devin would leave, now i wait about a minute or long enough that Devin has cleared down the hall. 
I'm wondering how Shannoncourt will be able to help....
My new digs

squishy but comfy

Last night I startled Devin when I threw my paw up to reach out...

Sometimes it's nice to know someone is near....

head rush!

So comfy  - all legs
 Visit at Nana's today:

my usual spot

helped myself to Nana's bed

She sings!
listening to sing

annndddd... I'm done listening to her sing
 meanwhile back at home:

tucked in
Post bath photo

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