Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 5 Clomicalm and Ultrasound

Parental Note*

It's been a crazy out of order sort of day here.  Milo had his appointment time for drop off "anytime between 8 and 9am".  When we arrived, we filled out the necessary paperwork. We were then told that the Dr. isn't in until 9 or 10am.  Standing around got old rather fast for Milo.  He wouldn't calm down enough to lay down so the little diva/drama queen that he is started hobbling about.

Once in the room for our testing I spoke with Dr. Tropea in regards to my concern with Milo's protein powder consumption.  Dr. Tropea ordered up a blood test first to see where things were at, in event it was just the protein consumption that shot up his readings.  His levels were still high so we went through with the Ultrasound.

Milo is now sporting two nicely shaven spots on either sides of his tummy.  Good thing he has a winter coat!

Kidneys looked nice. Dr. Tropea believes that he saw a thinning of the cortex on (i believe it was his) right kidney.  He said he'd be speaking with Dr. Lalonde (Janet) today and will mention to her that he'd like Milo to have a urine test to look for specific protein vs X concentrate ratio (something along those lines). 

I made mention of the RX food that was suggested, he said that would be a good idea, as well mentioned something about medication for the condition as well.  I asked how a thin cortex could happen, he stated it was genetics (with more of an explanation).  He was very informative and patient with all my questions.

We were home around 1130hrs.  Milo finally had his breakfast. He didn't hoover it down as fast as i thought he would; given he hadn't eaten since the previous evening.

As for the Clomicalm -
I attempted to go do laundry this evening. Mum went with me then went back near the door. I think she thought she heard him. It took a wee bit of waiting, but he did let out a few little cries then stopped.

Our schedule has been all over the place today.  Looking forward to getting back on track with things tomorrow.

Friday we still have our meeting with the behaviorist   I'm looking forward to that.

That's pretty much it.  Milo has been fed and watered for the second time today and is now crashed out in his crate.  I tried to engage him in some playtime, but he took his stuffie back into his "nest" with him to chew on it there.  I guess he wants some solo playtime.

Debating on giving him a bath. He's full of the ultrasound gel.  Poor guy with his bald spots. Hopefully the hair grows back quickly, I'm not holding my breath on that one though....

On our way to the Ultrasound appt


Naked again * brrrrr
zonked out up against the dresser

z z z z
does this buzz cut make my hips look smaller??

waiting outside for Nana to join us on our walk

After supper snuggle with stuffies

stop taking my photo please....

Last one?

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