Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Drugs Drugs Drugs, Which Are Good Which Are Bad....

Where do i start with my day......

Devin had I started our day rather early today.  Breakfast, walk, then a car ride to the vet is how my early morning went.

My vet visit:
1) Separation Anxiety - Dr. Janet and Devin decided that it would be in my best interest to give "clomicalm" a try.  It's best we try to correct things right now before they get out of hand.   At the advice of Gina Devin is going to get a hold of Shannoncourt for me to see if they can help me with my separation anxiety issues as well as perhaps some obedience training.  One could always benefit from that.

2) Black dot on my neck -  Dr. Janet took it off and said it was odd. We are going to keep an eye on that. If it comes back then we will have it removed.

3) Me and my eating of plastic assorted things - Not to worry too much. I'm eating and don't seem to be bothered.  She told us of a story of a sailor practicing knots.  When the cat was sick Dr Janet asked the owner about it, and he said the cat had eaten a knot of his approximately 6 months ago. He hadn't seen it resurface. 

4) Baths and shedding - I can have 1 bath every 10 days with my medicated shampoo. 
Shedding happens at different times for different dogs.

5) Blood work - Minor freak out on Dr. Janet.
Lot of YELPS and Flinching at the first poke of the needle. I think I caught Dr. Janet by surprise. I made her move back in a hurry. She didn't seem very happy and told me something along the lines of that I was getting my blood taken whether I liked it or not.
I never freaked out on her before.  That dramatic act earned me a quite fashionable muzzle.  The second poke of the needle didn't phase me AT ALL. 

Model Pose 1  - enroute to my Dr appt

Model Pose 2

Tired from my vet visit

Snack time when we came home - Milkbone!

Shortly after returning home from the vet Nana and Devin brought me to the dog park.  I had a good tear around there.  We met up with a dog named "Gus".  His Daddy is a police officer with the city.  He rescued him from a house call he went to.  Him and his brother were taken home by him and another officer.
We ran together for a brief time then did our own thing.

Checking out the rock

Running after the TIRE!!!! Nana found the TIRE TOY!!! :)

Missing front legs...

It's a bird..It's a plane....It's a.... TIRE!!!!

Toss it Nana!!!


I'm done.

Walk to the beach - Too cold to take a dip today! I'm no fool!

Tuckered out from my run at the park
Over at Nana's before my nail clipping appointment

Milo in the jungle....

Better pillow than a chew toy...Devin was right...

Zonked out..

Tired from my nail clipping

 Gina and a few moments to spare between clients so she asked if i could go outside with Griff in their backyard.   Griff is a beautiful greyhound. He's taller than me, white, puffy coat, and pretty eyes.  He's so greyt!  He even let me wander into his "nest" to check things out. 
While we were outside together we ran for a pace of maybe 6 steps; then we went off and did our own thing. I kept myself busy marking up Griff's backyard. He's going to busy tomorrow covering things up.

I was a good boy while my nails were clipped.  I look forward to my next visit. Gina is the greatest!

Sherry came over for a visit today. We haven't seen her in a while; Devin's schedule and Sherry's keeps them pretty busy.    We went for a long walk down the main street to where the sidewalk runs out. 
I think Devin is trying to wear me out or something. Hmmmmmm.....
It's working!
After Sherry left I crashed -

Z z z z  "toofy" smile

Squinty eyed look. Making sure Devin is still around.

So that's about it for me.  Busy day here. 
Dr. Janet will be calling us tomorrow morning with my blood work results.  We have a few more questions about the Clomicalm. We'll ask those tomorrow when she calls.



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