Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sunflowers And Other Scary Things....

Short entry tonight. I'm feeling pretty tired from going to town on my KONG stick.  I'm panting up a storm and yawning a mile a minute here.

Nana took me out for my afternoon walk.  We came across a container filled with sunflowers.
I never really took notice of it before.  Today though, Today I did a complete stare down on it.
I kept my eyes fixated on it until we had walked right on by.  Creepy thing.
I did much of the same thing this evening on my walk with Nana and Devin (photo below).

I saw Nan today :)  Nan was allowed to run over to me. We greeted then did our usual ignoring thing while the "humans" spoke to each other.

I had a naughty moment this evening after supper.  When Devin came home from work, off came the work fleece and the baseball cap.  They were both placed on the couch.  After my supper I wandered over to the couch.  Devin turned just in time to see me walk over near my toy box with the baseball hat in mouth and drop it.   Devin took my nose gently in hand and looked me in the eyes, I was told "No".  My squirrel on the ground beside the hat. I was given that and told to play with that.  I wasn't sure what to make of this. I've never been corrected before.  So far any of my "incidents" have occurred when i've been left alone at home.
I didn't play with my squirrel. Instead i slinked off to my "nest".  Devin caught my interest with the KONG stick.  I think I might have gotten the point.  Devin's stuff "Bad", My stuff "Good".

Okay, time to get ready for bed.


Last night

All legs


managed to put my bum under the bed

Glowing eyes - Home from my nighttime walk

Pant * KONG STICK!!!!

Model Pose 1

Model Pose 2
The "Oh My God" Look - Sunflowers!!! creepy!

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