Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Needy Day

Feeling exceptionally needy today.  Each time Devin went to check on the laundry I put up protest filled with crying. 
Maybe I'm sensing the that i'll be alone tonight and tomorrow.  That "work" thing takes Devin away from me.

I was happy to cuddle up with Devin this afternoon. We had a pretty decent sleep together. 
We got up a bit early to go for a walk so i could do "my thing" before supper time. Before heading out the door Devin asked me if i wanted to go for a walk.  I was super excited. I went and grabbed one of my stuffies and ran it to the door.  Devin took too long putting shoes on so i ran off and grabbed another one of my stuffies and brought it to the door.  Finally i gave up and ran back into the living room and played around in there until Devin came and got me.  I was having a grande ole' time flinging my stuffies about; I even managed to launch one on top of my "nest".  I'm soooo loving my Santa Snake. I hope that gets to come with me on my road trip this weekend :D

Back in my crate now awaiting supper.  This has to be the longest part of the day. That 30min mark before supper just gets me every time. I was up licking at my dinner bowl a few minutes ago.  Feeeedddd meeeeeeeeee.

Photo from cuddle time today:


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