Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lazy Dayz

I've been quite content these days to stay in my "nest" over night while Devin is in the bedroom.
Truth be told I find it warmer in my "nest" than in the bedroom with that fan running and the window open a crack.

Devin came out to check on me a few times..... to the paw!

After breakfast I did my usual. I came into the bedroom to cuddle for a bit.  Devin warned me a few times that i'd fall off the bed; i'm still getting used to the new room setup.

One too many stretches later, i found myself like Bambi on ice my front feet desperately trying to hold on to the bed while my bum hit the ground.  Apparently it was quite the sight to see.  I repositioned myself back on the bed without missing a beat.

While on our walk this morning there were TONS of geese flying over head.  I didn't know what to make of them at first, all that honking made me stop a few times and look around.
 Once back from our walk Devin brought out my blanket.  Target Training time!!! yay!
I ran right to the blanket and stood there waiting for our session to begin.
  Devin took too long to break up the liver treats. I decided to lay down while Devin set up shop.

I did really well today. Along with the usual we worked on distance and laying down.  I nailed the laying down a few times.
At one point I did get discouraged and almost made it back into my "nest"; but Devin stopped me and got me back into the game. 

Devin worked out today - This is what I did....

It's a rough life I know....

Random.  Nana mentioned to Devin yesterday about going to petsmart to look for my (4) KONGS If Devin and Nana go to petsmart today I'll be going with them.  YAY!

That's it for me.  Back to sleep


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