Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nana Is The BEST Nana!

Nana, Devin and I went to check out petsmart. It turns out the store isn't open yet :(

We turned around and went to wal-mart.  They had a sale on the KONGS, BUT they don't carry the XL size that I needed. 

Next stop - Pet Value.  We picked up 2 KONGS at one location, then went down to the other location to pick up 2 more.  While at both locations I received TONS of lovin' from a bunch of people; Never a shortage!

No petsmart :(

My KONG haul.  THANK YOU NANA!!! :)

Devin was in the computer room when apparently a "slurp, chomp" sound could be heard. 


Devin decided to take the KONGS out of the packaging to let me explore.

Lining up the KONGS

So many to choose from!

Rolling them around

Hmmm maybe this one?? *Chomp*

What gives?? No food in any of them :(

I can't wait for them to be filled with goodness!!


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