Thursday, November 10, 2011

Writers Block

Having a case of writers block.  This time change has me thinking that Devin is trying to starve me by feeding me at odd times.

I've been a little vocal in my demands today.  Apparently I get this "look" in my eye before I'm about to tear it up around here and go crazy on my stuffies.  When Devin asks me "what", I reply with a high pitch "yelpbark".
I don't think there is an actual word that can describe my voice.  I don't use it very often so when I do others around me listen.

On my lunchtime outing with Devin today I managed to shed a few pieces of blue plastic from my system.
Care of the Cookie Container Incident 2011.  My bad...

Devin is still wanting for me to bring back that light blue piece of plastic from the back of the baseball cap; still convinced it hasn't shown itself.  Either way I don't seem very bothered. All functions are a clear go ahead.
My appetite definitely isn't hurting.

Might I also remind Devin that Dutches (next door to Nana) eats through water bottles and blocks of wood. She "seems" pretty healthy and no worse for wear.

Okay off I go.. I think it's SUPPER TIME!!!!  I'm so hungrrrrrrryyyyyyy....
(Nana came by earlier and gave me a few frozen green beans. They are my Fave!! Next to ice cubes :)  )

writers block

frisskkky - caught in the act of nipping at my blanket/bed


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