Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Dog's Gone Crazzzzzy*

(Title set to the tune of Eminem's "My Dad's Gone Crazy")

I've been having a case of the zoomies lately.  Devin thought it was time that I hit the park for some much needed release.

Devin had to sleep some after working nights last night.  I tossed and turned, flipped and flopped, licked and slurped. I did everything today to keep Devin in a state of somewhat "awareness".

Nana came with us to the park today. I had a blast. Someone was really nice and left behind some toys.
It was like what i think Christmas is going to be like this year.  I found this neat wheel with a rope on either ends. Believe it or not, I was just interested in running after it; rather than dinning on the rope.

Nana tossed my ball for me and the neat wheel thing.  I ran my legs off out there.  They turned off the water to the "watering" station.  We went down to the beach for a quick drink of water.  

I Surprised both Devin and Nana.  I didn't care that the waves were crashing about. I took a few steps then plopped myself right down in the water!   POLAR BEAR DIPS HERE I COME!!!!
Had it not been for the waves knocking me about I would have laid there for a little longer.

Video to follow later on this evening.

Until then, here are some photos from today:

And it starts out like this....





mentally envisioning my back flip



Hi...Did I wake you Devin?

Maybe I'll go back to sleep for a little bit (crawled into Devin's bed)

Hiding my face against the pillow

Z z z z
At the park!!!!

Running after my ball

Look what i found in the park!

And we're off :)
Several tosses later...


Can we take it home??
aww pweeeaze???




Me likes....

So ...Tired..Pant
Nana tap


Happy Smiles
Gum injury

I just love this find ever!

Model Pose
Snobby Model Pose - Talk to the ears....Actually talk to the back, the ears aren't listening...

Taking a breather...

Oh so happpyyyyy

Oh the choices....
Heading for a walk to the beach

Back from my dip in the river!

Z z z z z

z z z z z
After my rinse off in the tub.  Nap time!  


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