Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Devin Is Learning....

Devin came home to find me asleep in my "nest" this morning.  It took some convincing, but we went for a quick walk, had breakfast, my morning pill then puttered about.

Devin had to do some laundry.  I let out a bit of a peep out one of the times I was left alone. 
Devin did leave a KONG for me to find in the hallway; i overlooked that as i made the door my main focus point.   
Lesson Learned: Give me the KONG so i know it's there when you leave.

The rest of the laundry was completed without incident.  I waited by the door or in the hallway for the return.

I can't say I like this week very much.  I don't get much Devin time.
Mon-Tues: nights
Wed: we slept some of the day
Thur: back to work for training
Fri-Sat-Sun: day shift

At least I have my Nana :(

Where I was found this morning - Curled up in my "nest"

Later on in the day - Hiding my nose, z z z

This evening while Devin was making supper I decided to bring the jacket out into the hallway. Devin came running thinking I had gotten into something in the computer room. 
I was greeted with "what do you think you're doing"?   I instantly dropped the jacket from my mouth.
I was just trying to carry it out into the living room.  Devin helped by bringing it into the living room.

What started out as an innocent cuddle with the jacket, turned into me having a little "nibble" on the collar.
Devin corrected me.... My bad, I thought it was mine to do what I pleased with it...
Nibble Nibble

Given toys to play with instead of the jacket..... Hmpft*

Chillin' on my bed

z z z z

Honestly, I do actually stand up from time to time.

Devin gave me half of a milkbone.  I did have to work for it though.  I was told to lay down.  I was going around in crazy circles not knowing what to do. I kept running back into my "nest".  Devin would call me out and i'd go in my crazy circles again.  This went on for about 1-2 mins.  I finally understood what was expected of me.  When I laid down that's when I was given my cookie and praised. :)

Well that's it from me.  I think we're going to call it a night soon.
Early day tomorrow.


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