Friday, September 28, 2012

Morning walks...

On our walk this morning we met a nice lady, she really liked my sweater and said that I was very sweet.
We normally walk on the other side of the road when we see her, as her son is a little frightened of big dogs.
I got me some lovings from her though when her son got on the morning bus.

Chinese Maple a few houses up from Nana's. It changes colours before the others.
I had a nice mini nap, snack and drink of water while at Nana's.

Half snuggles against Nana.  Rye-Lee is up on his perch while Nana looks on

 Not much to write home about today.  Devin has me in my socks as an early treatment. *phewy* I'm currently sporting one  black and one blue sock.  The other black sock is at the back of my nest.  Rather than moving me around to get to it, Devin brought out another sock for me.

It's my weekend with Nana! :)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn changes and visits...

The leaves are changing colour in these things parts.  Devin and I enjoyed our morning walk.

pretty leaves
We did a quick stop in at Nana's.  She had to go to the closet to grab out her coat. I was in there like a dirty shirt!  Is it October 2nd yet????  I would like my birthday present Nana!

is it october 2nd yet??
Hanging out with Rye-Lee. Together but seperate
When we got home Devin thought I could use some mental stimulation.  After a few failed attempts at getting me to play with my stuffies, Devin brought out the newspaper. Weeeee!!!

 We had a midday lay down....
 This evening we went over to Sherry R's and Melissa's to get Devin's pants fixed for work.  I hung out with the ladies.   A few times one of the twins got in my face, and I let her know I didn't want her there.  Devin said it would be nice if i gave Nana those many warnings before chomping.
Hangin' out on the floor
Dog bombs in the kitchen
Z z z  - working on some beauty sleep
All in all a quiet day...
See you this weekend Nana!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morning News

This morning Devin spoke with Bill (gracanada), in regards to my nasties with Nana.  He advised Devin to have a thyroid panel completed.  He said that if my thyroid is off any, that could cause me to be acting the way I have been. He said that he'd hate to see me have to go back to gracanada. Devin was VERY quick to say that that would NOT be happening ever.  Bill told Devin to keep him informed with what's going on.

After speaking with Bill, Devin booked me in for an appointment with Dr. Janet on Monday at 845am. Devin will need to change that to Tuesday if at all possible.  Working the weekend of 12hr nights and driving as far as we have to for my appointment, it's not good. 

Devin also called Shannoncourt to see if they do home visits.  She said that they stopped doing those a few years back... We will see what the blood work comes back as and go from there with our "training".

On our walk this morning we stopped by Nana's for a visit. I followed my nose which lead me to the hall closet. I've never gone over to that closet before.  Nana said that my birthday present was in there, and it was a smell that I'm used to.  I went to the closet a few times and pawed at the door trying to open it.  No luck. *phewy*
Laying in the hallway - by the closet. Is it my birfday yet???
*stealing the news paper*
Mission accomplished!
Nom nom nom  News paper!!!!!!!
darn camera flash!
Time out.    Slurp slurp
Nap time
 Back home...
Devin pulled out the antler from my toy box for me. That kept me entertained for a few minutes.  I was kinda tired to sit up and gnaw.
lazy antler chew
Devin had to leave this evening for a little bit.  After my KONGS i found my way to the big bed and crashed out.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Nana - Things that make you go grrrrrrrrr

Tra la la - heading home for supper.  Nana is coming over to give me my bedtime treatment.
 Dear Nana:

Thank you for taking me to see Gina today. Also, thank you Gina for clipping my nails and giving me my corn treatment. 

I wouldn't say this was the worse day of my life, but tonight could have gone a little better between us. I'm sorry that I'm still trying to show you that I happen to think that I'm the boss of you; when I'm not.  Devin had to intervene for a moment, you did a great job at bouncing back quickly.  I know I'll respect you more  once you get that "Mother growl" down pat.  Right now, I think I sound more scary then you do.  I hate to brag, but I kinda proved it when you jumped back.  Devin did assure you that with my muzzle on i can't bite you (again).  Once bitten, twice shy. You're one brave Nana! 
Even when I was purring (aka growling) like a jungle cat and staring off, you stood your ground. I respected you for that and after a bit I did stop with my deep low growling Nana, right? 

I'm not going to make excuses for my behavior, okay, maybe just one.  My toes are very tender, and I even jerk my feet away from Devin at times.  I do apologize for my actions this evening.  We just have to build up this trust thing between us.

I guess after this evening, this means I'll be heading back to see Gina tomorrow, eh?  Devin did say that you'd come over in the evenings to do nightly treatments so I'd get used to you touching me.   See you tomorrow Nana!

Milo xo

Post snips/growls/yips/teeth
nose is stuck on my muzzle - teef showing
Yeah, I'm not sure Nana....
Nana gave me my chicken afterwards to work my upset out on
Sad day - Chicken has passed on


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birthdays are for EVERYONE!

It's Devin's 34th birthday today.  I let Devin sleep in until a little after 6am.  I had breakfast then went back to bed for a little bit. That was my first birthday present to Devin.   We went on our morning walk. I wanted to cut down Nana's street but Devin said that we were going to do the big loop; and the BIG LOOP we did walk.
Truckin' along
Tra la la
Nana came over after church to bring by my presents I picked up for Devin.  Nana had them at her place, she was nice and wrapped them for me. I get a little carried away these days when I see paper.  It might have been counterproductive had I tried to wrap the gifts myself.   Nana was reading a birthday card when I walked over to her, gave it a sniff and tried to eat it on her.   I guess I don't know my limits sometimes. 
Devin pausing for a photo (with bedhead). I couldn't contain myself and decided to help with the unwrapping process
quick pause from unwrapping
Lemme have it!
crinkle crinkle
shoving my head into the bottom of the bag.
This was my favorite gift. Once unwrapped I tried to steal the heavy hammer on Devin. Devin caught me as I was sneaking around into my nest with it.
There's more, I can see it!!!
whatcha doin' Devin? Can I help out??
Here, let me help you with that!
Yellow is my favorite colour
nom nom nom
I love a good paper bed
Watching *
Inspecting *
I want what's up there
The tissue paper was taken away from me. I guess I'm not allowed to eat it.   Newspaper was put down for me instead. I lost interest after a few shreds.

too much birthday excitement
Corny toes
corny toes 2
 I started my 1 pill once a week for 6 weeks today
On Thursday I add in 1 pill once a week for four weeks.
I'm enjoying my toe rubs with the oil.  My feet are feeling a little rough on those toes. Devin was worried that I was sprouting another corn on an existing corn pad... I think it's just choppy, shall keep an eye on things.