Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birthdays are for EVERYONE!

It's Devin's 34th birthday today.  I let Devin sleep in until a little after 6am.  I had breakfast then went back to bed for a little bit. That was my first birthday present to Devin.   We went on our morning walk. I wanted to cut down Nana's street but Devin said that we were going to do the big loop; and the BIG LOOP we did walk.
Truckin' along
Tra la la
Nana came over after church to bring by my presents I picked up for Devin.  Nana had them at her place, she was nice and wrapped them for me. I get a little carried away these days when I see paper.  It might have been counterproductive had I tried to wrap the gifts myself.   Nana was reading a birthday card when I walked over to her, gave it a sniff and tried to eat it on her.   I guess I don't know my limits sometimes. 
Devin pausing for a photo (with bedhead). I couldn't contain myself and decided to help with the unwrapping process
quick pause from unwrapping
Lemme have it!
crinkle crinkle
shoving my head into the bottom of the bag.
This was my favorite gift. Once unwrapped I tried to steal the heavy hammer on Devin. Devin caught me as I was sneaking around into my nest with it.
There's more, I can see it!!!
whatcha doin' Devin? Can I help out??
Here, let me help you with that!
Yellow is my favorite colour
nom nom nom
I love a good paper bed
Watching *
Inspecting *
I want what's up there
The tissue paper was taken away from me. I guess I'm not allowed to eat it.   Newspaper was put down for me instead. I lost interest after a few shreds.

too much birthday excitement
Corny toes
corny toes 2
 I started my 1 pill once a week for 6 weeks today
On Thursday I add in 1 pill once a week for four weeks.
I'm enjoying my toe rubs with the oil.  My feet are feeling a little rough on those toes. Devin was worried that I was sprouting another corn on an existing corn pad... I think it's just choppy, shall keep an eye on things.


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