Monday, September 17, 2012

Mini pills, Monkey Sweater and Park time

This morning marked Day 1 of my new foot treatment.  We got up early this morning. I felt like I was being cheated out of breakfast.  Devin put my mini pill on the lid of the vial for me to lick.  I didn't go for it.
Devin then tried putting it in a custard bowl. I sniffed around but didn't spot the pill, I turned my nose up at the "empty" bowl.  It felt like Devin was teasing me or something.   Finally Devin tried putting it in my food bowl.  It was assumed that I licked it up, as it was missing from the inside of the bowl.  About 10mins later Devin tracked down the pill. It was under my food stand; in plain sight.   Devin at this point said, lets do this, and opened the side of my mouth and put it between my tongue and teeth.

There was a bit of an oops too with the pills.  Devin lost 4 of them under the microwave, then accidentally dropped  the balance on the top of the stove.   Here's hoping the pills will still work for me, with the cross contamination and stuff.     Devin fired an email off to camp greyhound, "Karen" and was given advice on how to admin my meds.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.  Karen is always a big help!

Once I got the pill thing sorted out, Devin felt terrible for me. I was kinda moping in my nest.  I got up with the assumption that breakfast was coming. I was so excited.  When it became apparent that breakfast was not in the cards for me at that time (not allowed food on either side of taking the pill - for 30 mins), I crawled off into my nest and felt sorry for myself.
Why can't I have my breakfast??
 Devin got me up and we went for a walk to kill some time.  By the time we arrived back home it was time for me to have my breakfast.  I gobbled it up like it was going out of style.

Just before I reached my semi sleep food coma, Devin let me check out the bottle before applying one of the treatments.  It smelled pretty good to me, I tried to put the bottle in my mouth a few times.  Devin told me it was for "smelling", not for "eating". 

Hmm..what's this stuff??
right foot
left foot

A while after my foot treatment Devin had to run into town to take care of a few things.  While out Devin picked me up a nice wool sweater.  It's a monkey!  It's fitting, because Devin calls me a little monkey sometimes.
Pose 2
Pose 3 - ears
Pose 4 - checking myself out
Almost too fast for the camera
How could I forget!   Devin and I went to the park today.  I ran after the ball a few times. That got old pretty fast. I turned my attention back to helping to maintain the grounds.  I grazed the grass for a bit, then Devin brought me over to the beach for a dunk.  I went on in and laid down without hesitation.  The water was still nice; by my standards anyway.   I met a 3 yr old black lab in the water.  He was jumping off the dock after a stick.  Silly guy.
maintaining the grounds
all ears and tongue
Got it!
Taking  a break. Sitting around checking things out.
Headin' home
 "Sock" foot treatment. My foot treatment before bed has me wearing socks to bed.  Devin taped them lightly so they'd hopefully stay on during the night.

Here we go again....
Will my toes ever feel better?
Devin seems to think that I've been sighing more today and making louder sighs.  Not sure if it has anything to do with my treatment.  Something to keep an eye on.

The past few days I've been limping more on my right side.  Evil corns.... CORNS BE GONE!


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