Friday, September 7, 2012

Tonight, I found my voice....

I was hanging around in my nest this evening, when Nana came by for a visit.  She fussed with the lock some before opening the door.  While she did this, Devin said "who's that, who's here"?  I let out a good loud bark, quickly followed by a yelp, and then a softer bark.  I greeted Nana at the door, then turned around and went back into my nest.

Nana brought down my treats, no sooner did she say "what's this Milo"? I was up and out of my nest waiting for my treat.  I'm getting good at coming out from my nest.  We're getting there, It's more on the fault of the Human Devin, we don't practice this nearly as much as we should.

They are calling for at thunderstorm and lots of rain tomorrow. I sure hope we get outside tomorrow morning before I begins.


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