Sunday, September 9, 2012

These boots were made for walking.....

This evening was the first time in over a week since Devin's been able to put my Thera Paws back on my front feet. 

I was extremely happy on my walk this evening.  I had quite the jump in my step as I trotted along with my tail wagging a mile a minute.  Those boots felt so greyt on my feet!

Evening walk aside, Devin and I had a dull day; we kicked around the house together.  Devin brought down CHICKEN from the top of the fridge for me to play with. I gave it a few sniffs and turned my nose up at it.  I was more into having a quiet day today.

Photos from today:

I WAS trying to sleep...
You're still here??
Cuddling with my friends

Maybe this week will be the week that my new foot meds come in??


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