Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cousin Parker and Misc. Day happenings

I wanted to say a special hello and feel better soon to my cousin Parker.  He lives in Florida with Devin's sister Shelley and my Uncle Mat. 

1 day before Parker's 9th "Gotcha Day", he had to go in to have a lump removed.  I'm happy to report that the lump was not cancerous. Today Auntie Shelley came home early from work to find that his rear leg was "super sized" and oozing.  He was brought to the vet, and placed on antibiotics. The fluid has been draining down into his leg from the surgery site. If it doesn't go down in the next little bit, he will have to go back and have his leg wrapped up.   Feel better soon Cousin Parker!
First day home after having his surgery to remove the lump
Today - his rear leg super sized
It's hard to see, but here is Parker's "Kankle".
Parker Loves to cuddle under blankets.  Here he was having a hard time hiding himself under blankies with the Cone of Shame.

This morning I didn't attempt any of my Jedi Mind Tricks to get Devin to wake up.  We stayed our beds until 7am.  When Devin got up I was found with one sock on and one sock off.   I guess that means I'll need to be taped up a little "gooder" tonight.
Trottin' - who you lookin' at?

 It was a grey gloomy, rainy day here.  We didn't end up doing much. A lot of laying around and puttering about the house.  Nana came over earlier on today. It was POURING!  Devin got me dressed up in my Thera Paws, raincoat and took me outside for my "out".  Nana was leaving at the same time. I followed her right out to her car. When Nana got into the car, I stood there at the open door under her umbrella, just staring. I tried a few times to put my feet on the car floor to get inside.  Devin told me I couldn't go with Nana. :(    We instead went for a quick wet walk.

Once back home, I had a lazy afternoon of playing with Chicken.  Too "tired" to move, I laid there and chewed at Chicken.

tuckered out

Devin snapped a few photos of my corns today:

A few times I wandered off into the bedroom to rest on my bed.

z z z z

Almost time for my corn sock treatment....


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