Saturday, September 22, 2012

Socks and Chicken Cuddles

My treatments have been coming along nicely.  The corn on my right foot is getting bigger.  Apparently this is a good thing, its pushing itself out.  Devin really has mastered the administering of my tiny pills.

I finished up my first round of pills - 1 pill daily for 6days
Tomorrow I move into my 1 pill weekly for 6wks, 1 pill weekly for 4wks.

Each day Devin says I'm changing; for the better.  I'm still not keen on someone pushing their face in mine, but who really likes that from "strangers", or anyone who isn't their primary care giver???   Devin has gotten a voice and warns people not to do that as they move in for the "pet".  For some reason, people have this desire to throw their faces down into my face or any dogs face really.  Personally, i feel like its a complete invasion of my personal space.  I don't do it to others, I'd think they would take that cue.

The past few nights while Devin has been at work, I made myself more than comfy on the big bed.  Devin and Nana have perfected the sleep attack photo ops.
z  z z
Enjoying breakfast with my treatment socks on.  Devin did a reverse treatment while working nights. Socks on during the day for sleepy time, managed to squeeze in my other 2 treatments.   My dish set was brought on to the carpet so I wouldn't sleep on the floor.  Darn socks!
nom nom nom

Devin received a parcel in the mail from Auntie Shelley.  Auntie Shelley, Uncle Mat, and Cousin Parker sent up a birthday gift for Devin and a special surprise for me too!

Present from Cousin Parker!
Opening my gift
Nomin' the gift
More, I need more!!!
Oh my! these are wonderful!!!!
Uhm, can I have another???
Full belly - Sheepie you watch the place while I sleep, K?
This morning we went for a walk and ended up at Nana's for a visit.  Nana was trying to make her bed, and I decided to help myself up on there and lay down.  Nana brought out "Slipper" for me to play with.  I love that thing!!!
slipper no more :(
On our way back home we booked it pretty fast.  The sky didn't look very nice.

Feeling pretty exhausted from my morning visit at Nana's, I decided to take a nap with Chicken.
Bunny hugs and Chicken guards
A little while later I readjusted and managed to get chicken cuddles.
*video* opening my gift from Cousin  Parker xo   Thank you!!!!

Tomorrow is Devin's birthday.  THEN.... On October 2nd it will be my birthday!!!  I'm going to be a whole 6yrs old!  When I first came home to Devin I was 4.5yrs old.  Time sure does fly.


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