Friday, September 14, 2012


I was a real sneaky boy today.  Nana didn't even have time to turn around and I was already out in the living room on my KONG towel, waiting for my treats to hit the bowl.  Nana always gives me a small treat when she comes over to take me out.  She's the greytest!

Nana is also the greytest as she checked the mail for Devin today.  My package from Ireland came in!!!!
We are going to start the treatment on Monday.  Devin told me all about it on our walk this evening.  I hear the pills are super tiny and sweet to the taste.  I'll let you know what I think on Monday.   Devin also needs to pick up a few baby socks for me.  We both agreed that the Thera Paw boot on overnight wouldn't be too comfy.  They are great for walking, but i'm not so sure about the lounging part.

Tomorrow will be Cousin Parker's 9th Gotcha Day!  Happy Early Gotcha Day Parker! xo

crashed out in the back of my nest on sheepie... I slept like this when I first came home.
Afraid Nana was going to take CHICKEN, I brought him in for a nap last night.
Last night - zz z z
Post supper - full tummy, napping with my friends
I'VE GOT MAIL!!!  - corn treatment
semi supper coma

That's pretty much it for tonight.   So sleepy!  


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