Saturday, September 1, 2012

Devin, I want answers....

*Tick tick tick*

Devin, why were you late getting home this morning? You were at least 20mins late from your usual time.
Hmm?   I want answers....

I want answers...
Okay, so you explained that you got halfway home and then realized you had the work keys in your pocket, and had to turn around to return them.   I guess that's a valid reason for being late.   I just want to remind you that I do anticipate your arrival home at a certain hour, and when you aren't here I started to get a little concerned.  Ya know, like who is going to take me out, and who is going to feed me.  Oh yeah, and of course Where are you??

Last night Nana came to check on me. I was crashed out hard on our bed. 
Do Not Disturb *zz z z* Guard dog on  (sleeping) duty.
I had a grand ole' time on your bed last night, so much that I rearranged your blankets for you. I do so enjoy the "nest" feeling, I thought you might like that this morning too, maybe, no?
Tada - I call this "the nest"
Getting ready for my morning walk  - Come on Devin!
So this morning once settled in from work, Devin and I went for our morning walk. 

Morning grazing
nom nom nom

On our walk we came across:
1) dead mouse - I was oblivious to it.
2) black and white cat - That had my total attention. My ears shot up in a perfect triangle as I watched it hunch its back at me. We were a good distance away from it when this happened. It made off, and I wanted to go see where it went.  I didn't pull on the lead or anything to get to the cat, but I was VERY insistent on getting into the bush where I last saw it.   It took all of Devin's might to pull me away from there.  I can be strong when I want to be.

Devin got me away from the area, I kept on looking back, Devin assured me that the cat was gone and that it was time for breakfast. BREAKFAST! complete distraction for me. I licked my lips and onward we walked.

Where'd the cat go???
Llama ears - *listening*
Breakfast was served up, and off to bed we went.  Devin got up mid day to see if i wanted to go outside.  Nope, i was more than comfy.   We did go for our walk later on in the afternoon though.  Did what I had to do, and back we came.

post breakfast -nap time
squishy nose
*headless*  I like to tuck my head under the pillow and nap
 almost supper time, KONG time and Nana time.


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