Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn changes and visits...

The leaves are changing colour in these things parts.  Devin and I enjoyed our morning walk.

pretty leaves
We did a quick stop in at Nana's.  She had to go to the closet to grab out her coat. I was in there like a dirty shirt!  Is it October 2nd yet????  I would like my birthday present Nana!

is it october 2nd yet??
Hanging out with Rye-Lee. Together but seperate
When we got home Devin thought I could use some mental stimulation.  After a few failed attempts at getting me to play with my stuffies, Devin brought out the newspaper. Weeeee!!!

 We had a midday lay down....
 This evening we went over to Sherry R's and Melissa's to get Devin's pants fixed for work.  I hung out with the ladies.   A few times one of the twins got in my face, and I let her know I didn't want her there.  Devin said it would be nice if i gave Nana those many warnings before chomping.
Hangin' out on the floor
Dog bombs in the kitchen
Z z z  - working on some beauty sleep
All in all a quiet day...
See you this weekend Nana!

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