Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Changes (for the better) and monkey visits

Devin is becoming a pro at giving me those micro mini pills.  Thanks Karen for the helpful tips/hints!
Devin thought we were a pill down this morning. It turns out it actually landed inside the side of my mouth.
So tiny, Devin almost missed it!   It was then pushed under my tongue for fear it might drop/roll/fall outta my mouth.

This morning when I woke up, I was wearing both socks.  Midway into the night/early morning hours, Devin woke up to the sound of me nibbling.  The tape wasn't very comfy nor were the socks.  Devin switched out the tape and gave me a different pair of socks to sleep with. I'm more of a knee high type, the ankle socks just don't do it for me.  I ended up roaching, Devin knew then that the right socks were on.

On our walk this morning we popped by Nana's to show her my new sweater.  I rocked the monkey sweater!   The constitutional drops Devin has been giving me are working wonders on me.  Lori (homeopathic) in an email confirmed that it was the constitution that's working for me.    While I was at Nana's I explored quite a bit, AND I even gave Nana a lick - On the same finger I bit.   I've been more playful, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my naps still, but Devin can get me worked up a bit to "play".  I have even started this little teeth chatter thing when I get excited.  *hehe* 

Nana will be coming over this evening to check on me.  Devin goes back on a short swing of nights.

That's really it for me.  It's almost time for my midday treatment.  I'm roaching (yes hard to type and do that at the same time) right now in my nest, maybe Devin will wait until I move to the other room for "nap time".

Last night - Duel Roaching with CHICKEN
bedtime treatment - first set of socks
yeah i'm not sure about these ones Devin...
Ah, much better - Looking like a boxer
*knock knock* It's me, Milo! Lemme in Nana!

Nibbles at Nana's
Rye-Lee and I up on the "recovery" bed
Rye-Lee, Nana, and ME - Looking at Nana with loving eyes...
More exploring on my morning walk

Rockin' my monkey sweater!

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