Thursday, September 13, 2012

Assassin Leaf - Autumn is in the air

This morning I was full of energy. As usual, I had a great night of sleepies.

Photos from today :
Waiting for Devin to get out of bed....
I had quite the bounce in my step this morning.  I've been full of energy lately.  I'm loving the cooler temperatures outside!
See that little leaf in the center of the photo? I was sniffing around the church steps when this assassin leaf came out from nowhere and scared the jeppers outta me! I scooted my back legs under my fronts pretty quick.
After my near death experience with the leaf, we made our way over to Nana's.  I wasted no time making my way to the snack cupboard.  Nana got out a few snacks for Rye-Lee and I.

I'm waiting Nana....
Pwease? I'm sitting pretty (with my boots on)

Just a widdle sniff....
denied more snacks, I took a rest on the rug.

 After the quick drink of water, snack and rest; we went made our way home.
tra la la!
 Devin had to get ready for the E-Test on the truck.  For a moment and had a bit of a melt down. I cried up a temporary storm until Devin jumped out from the shower to check on me.  I didn't see Devin creep off. My bad....  I made myself comfy on the big bed while the shower ran.

I was more than excited when it was time for Devin to leave.  I was twirling around at the mention of KONGS. 

Devin came back home after taking care of "grown-up/human" things.  We went out for around the park/soccer field. I took care of business, then came home for some ice cubes!   This Canadian weather is sure different.  One moment, it's hot outside, the next I could wear a sweater!   Speaking of sweaters, the Monkey sweaters should be in stock soon *weeeeee*
tired after my roam through the park/soccer field
zz z  z  z
That's it for today.  We are still waiting on my treatment from Ireland.  Maybe TOMORROW will be the day??  Nana is going to check the post office for us tomorrow.  Devin's back on days again for the weekend. 



  1. I love the new photos! New camera, or just playing around with effects?

  2. Thank you :)
    Using the same phone for snapping the photos :)
    Just getting creative.