Friday, September 7, 2012

Nana Cam ~and~ Sometimes You Just Want Things To Feel More Like The Old Days....

I've been dragging my toes lately with my blog.  Devin has this "Netflix" thing that we've been watching together.  When Devin gets home from work, we do our routine, and then plop down to relax together. Most times I'm off in my nest, but it's just nice to be in the same room together.  

Nana's been over to peek in on me while Devin's been at work.  She's pretty sneaky with her camera. I don't even notice/care when she comes in.  I continue to saw logs until she drops a few tiny snacks in my bowl, then I come running like a ninja in the night; so quiet, that Nana just has enough time to turn around and I'm there. *hehe*

Here are a few photos that were taken over the past few days......

skin flap fell off maybe i nibbled it off.  Nonetheless, i've been self cleaning.
I'll say it again, EVERYONE should have pillows!

Nice clean bed - Devin did our laundry the other day. :)
King Milo's bed
rare couch hang out
waiting for Nana... Kongs?
sneaky Nana cam
more sneaky Nana cam
er, uhm....busted  Devin did pull the blankets straight before leaving for work.
Devin found me like this the other evening after work.  I worked the blankets on both beds to my liking :)

Yesterday a parcel came in the mail for Devin.  I got to play with the tissue paper. I was in 7th heaven.

Then, Nana brought me out a piece of newspaper. I took that sucker and ran straight to the back of my nest.
Nana told Devin to leave me alone, that I was at the back of my nest not wanting to be bothered.  Of course, Devin being Devin being 33 human years decided to continue on with tradition and not listen to Nana.... Devin gave me a few pats, I didn't mind I kept shredding away.  Weeeeee!! Weeeee!
Turkey butt - shredding!
Christmas eyes
Excuse me, I'm busy in here.  Thank you, please turn down the sheet when you're done staring.
Winding down from the shredding
Le sigh
  Last night -

Sometimes you just want things to feel familiar; just like the old days.  I fell fast a sleep on my shredded papers.  Devin left them in there for me over night. We had a living room sleep over, Devin slept out on the couch last night.

The next morning Devin saw that I managed to push my shredding out the sides of the nest...

We went on our morning walk this morning, I was tuckered out when we came back home. I didn't go very far, we just kinda wandered around with no set path.

Talk to the foot
Devin says I have a mean rear hook.  "floats like a butterfly stings like a bee" - M. ali
slowwwly healing

As you can see, I haven't been up to much.  This weekend, Devin and I are hanging out together.  We both enjoy each others company, that works out well.


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