Tuesday, September 11, 2012

♪ Brian Wilson ♪

A few photos taken from the other day.  Devin was wondering if it was too late to rename me to Brian Wilson?  Minus the drugs, I do so like laying in my bed(s) a lot.

♫~Laying in bed just like Brian Wilson did~ ♫  
Sheepie had the right idea

This morning Devin's boss asked what I did while Devin was at work for the 12hrs.  Devin told him that I was very active *haha*  My Nana comes over to see me while Devin's at work, and for the most part I go from bed to bed like Goldilocks finding a bed that fits my current need.
Devin found me laying up on the big bed this morning

The flash woke me up

Last night when Nana came over to check on me/take me out, I was up on the big bed.  Nana thought I was kinda smiling in my sleep :)
cheeesseeeeee z z z z
Gobblin' up my snacks from Nana. 

Nana checked the mail today to see if my package came in from Ireland.  No luck.  Maybe by the end of the week??  I hope it comes soon, my toes hurt :(

Time to get things rolling.   See you tonight Nana!


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