Friday, September 28, 2012

Morning walks...

On our walk this morning we met a nice lady, she really liked my sweater and said that I was very sweet.
We normally walk on the other side of the road when we see her, as her son is a little frightened of big dogs.
I got me some lovings from her though when her son got on the morning bus.

Chinese Maple a few houses up from Nana's. It changes colours before the others.
I had a nice mini nap, snack and drink of water while at Nana's.

Half snuggles against Nana.  Rye-Lee is up on his perch while Nana looks on

 Not much to write home about today.  Devin has me in my socks as an early treatment. *phewy* I'm currently sporting one  black and one blue sock.  The other black sock is at the back of my nest.  Rather than moving me around to get to it, Devin brought out another sock for me.

It's my weekend with Nana! :)


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