Monday, October 1, 2012

Chihuahua, what?

This morning when Devin arrived home from work, I was right at the door. I let out a little cry when I saw Devin. As soon as the door opened completely I was out into the hallway.  LET THE ZOOMIES COMMENCE!!  I flew up the hallway, back to our door, back up the hallway, back to our door..back up the hallway. You get the point. It felt good to stretch the ole' legs.

Once Devin wrangled me inside, on went my raincoat and off we went on our morning walk.  I can't begin to tell you all have happy I am that the weather is finally cooler.  It sure feels good.  I mowed several lawns this morning.  Devin had a heck of a time stopping me.  We'd walk a few feet, then i'd be right back at it.  NOM NOM NOM luscious greens!  Devin asked me if it I thought it was going to be a long winter or something.  I just couldn't get enough.

 We slept a few hours this morning - Devin worked nights this weekend past.  Went out for another nice walk this afternoon; the rain finally stopped. Yay!!!

After our walk, Devin asked me if I wanted to go town. I didn't get overly excited about that question, but when there was a mention of "do you want to go for a car ride", my tune changed.  I'm really into this "knitting" lately.  I even started doing a small chattering of my teeth when I get excited.  Devin first noticed the teeth chatter at Nana's the other day when I was about to get a treat. 

Devin and I went to PetValu today to go shopping for my birthday present.  It's my birthday tomorrow. I turn a whole 6 years old!

Anyway,  when we walked into the store I heard instant yipping and barking. I couldn't see where it was coming from.  Devin and I checked the walls for something that might interest me.  Then all of a sudden these two tiny dogs the size of my head came out from around the other side of the counter.  They yipped and barked their full head off at me. I just stood there looking at them, completely uninterested, yet trying to figure out why they were being so noisy.  We continued shopping, just when they were about to leave the "leader" came over and sniffed me. We went nose to nose, then all of a sudden, the "leader" yipped, barked and tried to nip my nose.  I jumped back, like any 72lb dog would do when a 1.5lb dog does something like that. 

I escaped without injury, I'm really questioning a trainers thoughts about me though.   She said Rye-Lee and I should never be alone together or even in the same room together. I could become triggered and that would be the end of Rye-Lee.   At the store, I didn't make any attempt to make contact with these little guys when they were making all sorts of strange noises.  For the record they were Chihuahua's. Let me tell you, their bite is biter than their bark!

We roamed around the store a little more, I got extra snacks from the store employees. They just go gaga over me.  I even "sat" and gave "paw" to them.  The "paw" one was only completed once, when i the man went to shake it after I put it in his hand, I jerked back quick.  Those darn corns!

SO that was my excitement at PetValu for today.  I had a nice visit with snacks and birthday presents.
Devin thought that the new "findings" were wedged far enough under my sling in the backseat that I couldn't get to them.  Joke was on Devin, I managed to pull my present out from the bag.  Devin took it away and told me it was for tomorrow. :(   I was given a few other toys that are normally in my backseat.  Completely uninterested in them, i was.  Sulked my way back home.

We went to Nana's this evening. The Humans had an early Thanksgiving dinner.  While the feast was on, i got comfy on my bed of blankets.  I only bothered with the "food" when I walked out into the kitchen. There was a container of cooked carrots on the kitchen table, I tried to get a sniff, but Devin told me no, and I quickly forgot why i was in the kitchen and wandered back to my bed.  No big deal. I did get a cooked green bean. :)

What would an evening at Nana's be without a bit of a dramatic performance by yours truly.   When Devin was getting me ready to leave (fitting my boots properly on to my feet), I had a yelp with teeth flashes away from Devin.  My poor toes!  I swear Devin forgets sometimes and tugs a bit too hard when getting those boots on. *hmpft*   My dramatics lasted for a quick second; I was saved by the phone.  Auntie Shelley called to talk to us.  After the phone call we made our way home.  I was tuckered out from my visit.

 Photos taken over the weekend:
awake and unmotivated
still not into getting up
Chilly morning walk. It was 3c

then we had some rain.....and boy did it rain!
 Later on.... back to napping!
Today - heading home from PetValu.  Birthday Shopping!!! 
Nana's - Turkey Dinner night (today)

Roaching - watching Nana get things ready
home from Nana's. tuckered out
Corn Progress:

 Birthday Presents tomorrow!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (excited)

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