Sunday, October 7, 2012

The inevitable happened today...

morning toe treatments....
 This morning Devin woke ME up to give me breakfast. Today was the first day taking my thyroid medication. Devin slipped it in a small dab of peanut butter. Devin needs to find another way to deliver the pills, PB normally doesn't agree with my tummy.  To the drawing board.

Devin and I kicked around on the floor for a bit this morning playing with Lambie. Once I was done playing, Devin brought out my brush and gave me a good brushing.  It felt sooo good, I laid there taking in every minute of it.  When Devin stopped for a moment, I snapped my head up to see what the hold up was.  I was then flipped over on to my other side and brushed.   It's a greyt life!

After my brushing Devin got up and started to strip my nest bedding.  The inevitable was about to happen.
Our clothing and bedding was gathered up and brought to the laundry room. I cried up a mini storm when Devin initially left, but soon got over it.
Lambie snuggles - bedding stripped...

Hangin' with Lambie
Come closer, I have stories to share...
Lock down happened.  Decided to make the best of it...
Napping with Lambie while my nest was locked down for cleaning
 I made my way into the bedroom. Feeling lost without access to my nest.  Devin brought Rabbit in for me to visit with.

Friends  - F R I E N D S , Do  you really need them?  YES!
So sleepy...
Can't a guy get some alone time??
 Corns today:

 Devin managed to lift this corn (below) out quite a bit from my foot. The skin towards the back of my pad is still well attached, more time yet needed.  Devin stopped picking when I jerked my foot away.  Not to say that Devin didn't poke it at some more throughout the day. *hmpft*


I was told the other day that when my first round of bedding was cleaned, a bath would be in my near future. Likely, when my nest bedding went into the wash, that would be happening.  Devin followed through with that.  Bath time today was actually enjoyable.  It's only taken 1.5 years to figure out how to make me more comfortable while giving me my bath.   BOOTS!   Devin put my boots on me while I was in tub; standing on my bathmat.   Those made a world of difference on my sore feet. In the past, I've shifted and wobbled about because of my silly corns.  Who would have thought by having me wear my boots in the tub, that would make for a happy time for me.  I had no problems standing there while I was shampooed and rinsed off.

After my bath, Devin dried out my ears. I let out a peep when Devin started to clean my left ear.
I've always been fussy with that ear since Devin made me yelp (while cleaning) when I first came home.  I treats were on hand to make it a more positive experience.  NOM NOM NOM

Still waiting on my bedding.....
tick tick tick
I was my version of "cuddly" after my bath.  Devin asked me if i wanted up on the bed, I wasted no time in getting up on the bed.  We laid there together, but separate for a bit. Devin covered me up with my sheepie warm blanket.  I tucked right in there.
tucked in
ear and bum sticking out
looking out the window
Meanwhile, in Jacksonville Florida.....
Cousin Parker  - hiding in the closet, he does not fancy the vacuum.

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