Friday, October 5, 2012

Vampires and small dogs...

This morning Devin, Nana and myself went up to Alexandria to see Dr. Janet. Devin told her about my incident this summer with Nana, and what I've done to others when they have placed their hand over into the backseat to give me a pat.  Dr. Janet is leaning more towards me having behavior issues.

Devin asked her about running a 4 panel test, she said that she runs a mini panel consisting of 2 panels. Those two will give her an idea of where I'm at in terms of my thyroid levels. 

Dr. Vampire...err I mean Dr. Janet played Goldilocks with me, she tried on a few muzzles before settling on the prefect size.  A few visits ago I earned myself the badge of being muzzled when I get blood work done.
This one time she went to draw the blood, I let out one heck of a yelp and jerked away.  Since that day, I get "the muzzle".

So on to today's blood drawing session.   Once the muzzle was on,  Debbie the assistant held me from my hindquaters while Devin tucked my head securely.  Dr. Vampire drew the blood.  I did NOT make a peep or a move.  When it was all over, the humans had a good chuckle over the fact that all these precautions were taken, and I didn't do a thing.  Dr. Vampire gave me a pat on the head and told me I was a good boy.  :)
Now we wait until tomorrow (saturday) to get the results. Normally Dr. Janet calls is mid morning.

Small Dog-
This afternoon Devin and I went for a walk. On our walk out came a small dog dragging its leash behind it.  It was barking and barking at me, it sniffed me while Devin got a good hold of my leash.  Not sure if the small dog was going to nip me or if I might take a nip at it.  Lately I don't take kindly to other dogs charging at me barking in an aggressive manner. My first instinct is to pounce back at them.

Anyway, so Devin managed to get a hold of the little guys leash, looked for a collar tag, but there wasn't one.
We tried knocking on the door from where we thought it came out from.  There was a little boy who eventually came out from around the house. We let him know that his dog was loose and needed to go inside, and also that his front door wasn't closed tight.  I think he was afraid of us, he was just a little guy.  Nonetheless, he took his dog and brought him indoors. :)    Operation find small dog his home - COMPLETED.

Devin worked more on getting one of my corns out. It's definitely coming.  I've just been laying around quietly with my eyes closed while Devin's applied my treatment and worked at the "nearly ready" corn.
Any day now...  Dr. Janet wanted us to keep her informed about the treatment and how it works for me.
She said there has been an influx of corn cases coming to her lately.  Maybe if this works on us, she can get the help or at least advise the others to seek the treatment we've been using. Either way, we gave her Lori Rose's business card; she said she'd hold on to it.

*note* i have a bit of a limp on today, but Devin things that has something to do with the blood drawing.

We had a friend come over tonight, I played shy for a bit, then came around. I even got up on the couch while she was on there.  I kept to my end. I seldom get up and lay on the couch while Devin is there.  I go in spurts with that.  Today though, for the first time in ages (or ever at all) I came to Devin when I was asked to come over to the couch.

Post Dinner Play-
After I had my supper, Devin continued working in the kitchen. I had a field day with Lambie, so much that I worked up quite the pant. Devin gave me an ice cube to cool down with.  NOM NOM NOM
Even though Lambie only makes silent cries, I still do enjoy playing with her.  She is my #1 friend at the moment.

So that's about all the excitement for today.  I'll post some photos below from today.


Afternoon stroll - post "small dog"
Evening / bedtime foot treatment... rough life
hanging out with "visitor"
I've been getting into all sorts of odd sleeping positions lately
Suppa star pose! z z z z z

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