Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ch Ch Changes!


We've been real busy in these parts lately.  Devin decided to change out the colour of the apartment.
We used to have a chocolate brown wall and a deep blue/greyish colour on the opposite wall that ran down the hallway.  Devin changed those two colours out with a "Peddlewheeler Grey" colour.  It sure has brightened the place up.  I managed to stay out of the way for the most part.  Come supper time last night I couldn't contain myself. I tore up the hallway, I managed to get a grey spot on my back.  I like to think of it as highlights.  :D

Today Devin finished painting.  I almost managed to fly down the hallway when I heard Nana's key in the door. Devin put a stop to that pretty quick, as the paint was still drying.  I waited for Nana in the living room.

Since starting my thyroid meds, I've been pretty excited and happy to see Nana.  OH!!! Guess what?
Speaking of thyroid meds, yesterday while Devin was in the store picking up the paint, i stayed in the truck with Melissa.  Melissa reached back to give me scritches.  I didn't flash any teeth at all at her.  Normally, I'll throw her a look. I just kept looking out the window.   Progress...Maybe someday Nana will try and pet me out of the blue like that too.  Once bitten, twice shy, I get it.  Truce Nana?

Corn News -
I believe it was October 14th, 2012 when Devin discovered I was missing a corn.  Devin gave me my treatment before leaving for work. It was thought that I was being treated on the wrong toe, then Devin realized that my corn had fallen off!  Devin did a search on the floor and found it in the hallway.  Maybe it snagged on the carpet when I ran in from my morning out.  It looks like the corn has sheered itself off. When Devin runs a fingernail along my pad, it feels like there's still corn like piece in the hole on my pad.  Lori (Ireland) said she's never heard of that happening before, Devin is to keep oiling and treating me.  Again, it's working from the inside out to heal. *paws crossed*

So those are really the only two major changes going on in these parts. Home renos and missing corns.
Ooh, one more thing.  Last night I went for a ride to pick up two bags of frozen chicken feet!
I'm in heaven!  Devin thawed a foot for me today. I had a lovely time chomping on it.  I know I likely gave Devin visions of me chocking on the foot.  I chewed it a littttttle bit before swallowing it. *burp*

Photos from the past couple of days:

Devin thought I was chilly. I didn't complain. Snug as a bug in a rug
resting on Lambie
Hmmm... What does Devin have going on today? (wandering around in my socks)
Guess I'll make myself comfy - morning treatment
Whoa is me...
Are we almost done here?

The painter:
You have to look real close to see my "highlights"
I think i'm safe up here...  Primer up on the walls
Z z z z  hard work watching Devin work.
listening to the cushion
Melissa came over yesterday - she got roped into Devin's project. hehe  Me, I was smart enough to lay quietly.
missing corn - kinda blurry
The corn


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