Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flying things that go ~thump~, Park runs and Polar swims!

I woke Devin up at 4:30am this morning.  That was for waking me up yesterday morning at 4:30am to go outside. *hehe*

Devin and I were on our way to drop off my morning "deposit" when all of a sudden we heard not one, but two hard thumps followed by a squawk and feathers flapping about.

With the feathers flapping and that odd squawking, I was on high alert.  I saw what I think was a common pheasant / mourning dove fly into the side of the green car, fell to the ground, then flapped about by the rear tire before settling.  Devin told me that I needed to give the bird some time and space, that it may have hurt itself, AND that I had to leave it alone.  IE: Don't think it's a play toy.

We stood there watching it for a few moments, then walked off. On our way back we walked over to see if he/she was okay.  It took no time in gaining flight and went off into the dark morning sky. 

Devin was curious about the other thump that was heard, so off we walked over across the lot to our truck.
There it was, another pheasant/dove!  It was sitting juuuuust on the top of Devin's front window, looking at us.  After a few moments it too took off into the darkness.

As much as those strange sounds had my interest, I didn't make a straight line for them.  I am enjoying the retired life. I like it when my squeaky toys come to me.

This afternoon Nana came with us to the dog park.  I ran like a madman!  Nana tossed Chicken and football for me to run after.  I had the bestest time ever!! After all my running, Devin brought me down to the beach. I took a quick dip in the water, sneaked a little sip of water, and then popped out. I was ready to head home.

Check out the photos below from today:  Oh, and no you're not seeing double. Devin found this neat function on the camera (cell phone) that allows for panoramic action shots.

*note*  We need to figure out what to do with this blog.
When Devin tried to upload photos we received a message that we couldn't upload as we exceeded our GIG Byte limit for the account.  Maybe it's time to turn this blog into a book and start new....

Checking out the shrubs
Napping while Devin did my morning corn treatment
Excuse me Devin, can you help me here?
 On my way to the truck.  PARK TIME!!!
TRa la la
Chicken is coming!!!!

Ears :)
Taking a break with Devin

This way to the beach!!
Sleepy ride home...

What did you all do today?


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