Friday, October 26, 2012


Yesterday we went over to Melissa's. I had a greyt time in the backyard. I wandered around, sniffed lots of sniffy things.  The twins were up to no good.  They were having a digging party and didn't invite me.

When I thought that no one was watching I crept over to where they were digging and had a field day myself.  Devin caught me and told me no. I stopped dead in my digging, then started up again.  I dug like I was making my way to china, stop real quick, give a wicked little look of joy, run off, run back to my digging spot and start up. I did that a few times, then went to lay down in my usual spot. The twins flew past me, I don't know where they get all their energy from.  Watching them is like watching an unorganized race. They are all over the place!

A little while later, Devin and Melissa moved to the front yard to do some yard work.  I stayed in the house while the others got into lots of mischief.  The twins managed to eat a side of the gazebo!  I'm glad I wasn't out there.
The twins briefly stole my spot on the futon. I made comfies on the floor.
I had such an eventful. Lots of exercise!  Devin tucked me in for the night. Z z z z z
Devin has been buzzin' around the house, that can only mean one thing. Night shifts again.

Nap time!

See you tonight Nana

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