Thursday, October 4, 2012

And so our day began with....

Devin slept out on the couch last night in an attempt to get me to keep my socks on longer for my overnight "socking" treatment.  For some reason I move around less when I'm in my nest at night VS sleeping in my bed in the bedroom.  Normally Devin finds me with one sock on, one sock off, or part way on my feet/foot.

This morning Devin tried to play possum with me. I'm on to this game. I KNOW Devin wakes up at the first slight movement I make.  I stood there staring for a moment, did a little shake, when that didn't get Devin up I had a mild case of the crazies and decided to smack the couch with my foot. I made it look like I was about to jump up, but at the last second, I did a Karate chop with my foot.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
Devin got up, and breakfast was served.  I'd like to add that this happened around 6:30ish.

After breakfast, I went back to bed for about 20mins, then decided it was time to go for my morning walk. I sure have Devin wrapped around my paw.  We went on a nice walk, cut through the field, our shoes/boots were both soaked, we sloshed around the block, then home we came.

Devin took Lambie out from "sick bay".  Nana had to put her there yesterday, as I kinda got carried away after Devin went to work and torn the seam down her back some.
Lambie in sick bay
Devin put Lambie on the ottoman while the "surgical kit" was retrieved from the hall closet. I washed no time with my Ninja skills.  I quietly exited my nest, grabbed Lambie and brought her back to my nest. When Devin turned around with the "kit", I had Lambie standing upright in my nest. I looked from behind Lambie at Devin. Eeeeeep, busted!
Devin went to work on stitching Lambie back together....
waiting for Lambie........*tick tick tick*
Devin gave the OK,  I came out and snatched Lambie - back to the nest!

Once in the safety of my nest, I decided I'd have a SMACKDOWN match with Lambie.... I chomped, tossed, chewed, chomped, tossed, and chomped some more.  Lambie lost her voice :(  She doesn't squeak anymore, more of a silent cry.....
DING DING *  Round 1
uh? distracted
ok..ok... I'm done.
and the crash.....
Corn Talk-

While working on my toes today, Devin was able to get a fingernail around and under the corn on my right foot.  Not wanting to push luck, Devin stopped trying to pull the corn away.  Again tonight, during my "sock treatment" Devin got at it again, more progress.  My left corn isn't ready to separate from my pad yet... Soon, it will get there!
out like a light before my bedtime/evening treatment.

Eeep! where did you come from??
(not ready corn)

(almost ready corn)

Remainder of the day -
Lambie cuddles and spooning

Devin did a whack load of laundry today. 1 set of my bedding was done today. Tomorrow my nest gets cleaned.  I get a feeling a "bath time" is about to happen soon....
I was concern when Devin took apart my bed in the bedroom to wash it. I felt like my whole life was shattering.   I know, I can be dramatic at times. I made the best of it.
 Nana came over for a walk before supper. That was nice of Nana to come walk with us.
When we got home Nana said, isn't it time for Milo to have his supper??  Devin said yes, so Nana went and made my food dish for me. She told me to sit and wait while she placed the bowl down. The first time I didn't listen, Nana took the bowl away as I was getting to it, the second time she told me, I sat still like a poker waiting for the "ok".  When Nana said Ok, I dove in there.

Nana, I think we'll do just fine with each other again.

Tomorrow morning Devin is bringing me out to see Dr. Janet to have my Thyroid panel done.  Nana is going to come along for the ride. *yay*  It's kind of a long ride, the company is nice for Devin to have; seeing i just sleep in the back the whole way there.

A few photos from yesterday:

When Devin came home from work yesterday, I was more than comfy on the big bed.
I made this nest all by myself!
bedtime sock treatment
Lambie on guard - Someone to walk over me.

Early morning tomorrow...


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