Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Birthday continued... expect the unexpected

Devin and I went over to Nana's for a visit this afternoon.  I was a bit like Goldie Locks, I laid on the floor, laid on the "recover bed", laid on Nana's bed, then eventually found myself up on the couch in the living room while Devin and Nana were in the kitchen. 
Ello'  testing out Nana's bed
Testing out the couch.
stretchin' out a bit...
 Then it happened....
I was laying up on the couch all by myself, next time when Nana and Devin checked on me, Rye-Lee had taken up his spot on the back of the couch.  We didn't bother with each other.  For the most part Rye-Lee is a little unsure of me and my size i think.   It was a big moment for him today to do that. Normally he's already up on the back of the couch or he's placed up there when I come over.  
sharing :)

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