Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We didn't blow away

It sure was windy last night.  Luckily all we really got in these parts was a lot of wind.  The power flickered a few times last night, but nothing compared to what has happened to others.

Devin and I went on several walks today. I had a greyt time sniffing and wandering about.  We stopped at Nana's on our way home from our morning walk. I flew up the driveway to say hi to Nana, my "hi" was short lived I whipped myself right around to the door to go inside.  Once inside i made my way to the snack cupboard.  I have my Nana trained well. She always gets me treats when I go over.

Once home, Devin convinced me and helped me up on the bed. I was more than willing and wanting to go on my bed to lay down, but... Devin got me up on the big bed.  It wasn't so bad sharing the bed.  I don't think I'll make a habit of it though.
Nappies after my morning walk
After my afternoon walk I sprawled out in my nest.  Devin told me I was going to get a stiff neck with the way I was turned around in there.  I was having such a good sleep, I was in full roach and ETS mode.
A little ETS... z z z z
Here is why Devin thought I was going to get a sore neck - out cold
Oh how i love my nappies
Devin snagged a few photos of my corn.  Corn 2 is really sensitive to the touch.  Corn 1 was like that too just before it broke off/fell out.
Corn 2
Corn 2
what is left of corn 1
I had a wonderful time with Chicken tonight. I was full and P n' V when  Nana came over for an evening stroll with us. I was all over the place with Chicken. I had to stop a few times to get a drink of water.  Weee Weeee weeeee!

Nana is gone home now for the evening.  Time for me to have my nightly treatment and head to bed.


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