Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Frakenstorm

I've been lawn mowing like crazy for a few days now.  I can't get enough of the greens!  Devin's had to pull me along in the morning time to get me going. If i had it my way, i'd keep my face buried in the grass and graze all day.

After our nap this morning Devin had to run out and pick up a few things in event that we are hit by Hurricane Sandy.  We have lots of extra water and other necessities should we need them.

When we went out for our walk this evening the wind had picked up quite a bit from earlier. The leaves were blowing and the dirt was flying.  I think i'm going to need a pair of goggles if this keeps up.

On our way home from the walk our backs were against the east wind. Leaves were ambushing me, I wasn't overly impressed about this. I whipped my head around back to see what was going on, stood there and stared.  Devin told me that they were only leaves that were hitting us.  I wasn't convinced and felt the need to do the stare down; stare down at what you might ask? I'm not entirely sure. My stare was in a general area, whatever and wherever it was I made it look like I had sharp eyes on it!

fuzzy - What is that????
The stare down
Finally back home,  I played with Chicken some.  I think I'm going to retire for the evening. All that fresh air hitting on me, sure makes a guy sleepy.


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