Saturday, October 6, 2012

Worms the size of speed bumps! and Thyroid Test Results

When Devin got up to feed me this morning, we thought it was still dark out. It turns out it was just raining cats and dogs outside.  After breakfast I slipped into my food coma, i stayed there for nearly an hour; this past week, i've had to go out within 30mins of eating.  Slipping back into a few old habits.

On our walk this morning we couldn't get over how many big, fat, juicy worms were slinking across the pavement.  To a small insect they would look like a HUGE speed bump. I accidentally "drove"/stepped on half of one.

I took Devin on an S curve kinda walk in the rain.  I bet Devin was happy to have purchased rain boots yesterday!   I had major soakers in my Thera Paws, it's a good thing Devin has two sets for me.

Once back home, Dr. Janet called to say that my blood work came back. My T4 levels have dropped a considerable amount since last time they were checked. Free T4 was down too.

Devin packed me up in the truck and we went out to Alexandria to pick up my meds.  I'll have go back to see Dr. Vampire in about 3 weeks to have my levels tested again.

Once back, Devin called Bill to see if the treatment and dosage was okay.  Bill said yes, and when asked with my "jerk attitude" should start to change, bill said to give it at least 2 weeks before we start to see a change.

Feeling pretty good today. We went over to see the twins this evening. They were beyond excited to see me.
I had to bark at them a few times to put them in their place, eventually they did take the hint and went off to play by themselves.

Inside the house too, one of them got too close to me, then the other started to close in. I was up on the futon, and let out a bark at them. Devin jumped (was sitting beside me on the futon), I gave Devin big sorry eyes; I was told I was a good boy.  :)
Sometimes the kids just need to be put in their place.

We came home a little bit ago, I crashed out in my nest.  Devin came along and told me it was sock treatment time.  I just kinda looked and blinked, hoping my cuteness might get me out of this one tonight.

No such luck... I have this new thing where Devin comes with the treatment bottle, I'm not laying in the right position, Devin lets me sniff the bottle, then tells me to roll over.  Without sniffing the bottle lately i'm not too keen to comply, sniffing the bottle though, i roll on to my side where Devin can get to me feet, and even give a paw.  Well Devin things I'm giving a paw, but it's more of a not now..go away please...  :)

Here's a few photos from today:
blanket/pillow cuddles
Morning time...z z z food coma
tra la la rainy morning walk - like my autumn collar?
worm speed bump!

 Heading to pick up my pills from Dr. J's.

I'm an excellent copilot
 This evening at the twin's...  When we rolled up and Devin removed my stuff from the truck, i stood up, hung my head over the back of the seat and "barfed" (watery) into the back of the truck.  Devin stood there and shook the head with a slight laugh.  I have a habit of doing this when I go to see the twins.  The previous times, I barfed over and on Devin's shoulder while i was getting set up to get out of the truck. 
Post "yak" -  Hi :)

Takingin the scenery
sniff sniff - mmmmMmmMm fresh aiiirrrr


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