Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday To Meeeee - 6 years old today!

Greytest birthday yet!!

I woke up this morning at 6:15hrs ready for breakfast.  Devin reached over and gave me a birthday scritch and said "Happy Birthday Milo", then asked me if I was up at 6am because I turned 6yrs old today.  

Breakfast was served, Devin crawled off to bed. When I didn't come back to bed Devin was wondering what was up.  I was having an independence moment and decided to just have a snooze outside my nest after filling my belly with goodness.
Post breakfast snooze

Devin came out and sat with me for a little bit. When Devin went back to bed, I followed this time.

After my quick nap, Devin presented me with my birthday cake.  I didn't even wait for Devin to finish singing happy birthday to me. I NOM'd it right off the plate.  I chomped a few times on it in my mouth, the darn near swallowed it whole! 
My Birthday Cake :)
licking the sprinkles
*found a crumb*
Oh, me has fully belly....
We went on a nice long walk up to the beach this morning.  We haven't taken this route in ages.  It was sure nice to sniff new things. I even nibbled a few blades of grass along my way.
At the beach :)

When we got back from our walk, Devin brought out my present!!!! EEEEEeeeeeeee eeeeee!!!!!
At this point I was having more fun tearing the gift bag into pieces
Shredding - do I have something in my mouth???
Lambie cuddles
Devin cleared out my nest for me.
Birthday Smiles
friends :)
Thank you!
I'm liking my new Lambie. There's only one problem, I can't get it to squeak.  Devin can do it, but I haven't figured out how to do it just yet.  The squeaker just drivers me nutty!

Nana came over with more birthday gifts for me!

Hmmm...what's in here???
I've almost got it!!!!

Another CHICKEN!!!!  That's what I was smelling in Nana's closet the other day.  CHICKEN!!!!!
nom nom nom nom

Paused for some dental hygiene care :)

After all the excitement, Devin did my corn treatment and put my socks on for me. I ended up wandering into the bedroom for a nap. 
z z z's with open eyes

 ~On a quick corn note~

Devin emailed a few photos of my corns (yesterdays photos) to Lori in Ireland.  Here's what she had to say:

"What you are seeing is the corn pushing out of the body so its great news - its all heading the right direction.  Over the next few weeks it should be ready to come out and you can gently help this as it should become almost ready to fall out.  I had a lady just last week show me similar pictures and another yesterday to show them gone!  She was able to put her nail underneath the corn and it came away.  When they do come out they will leave a little hole but this will heal over.  Its all very encouraging that Milo has responded so well to Homeopathic treatment, I am very happy to hear this".

Isn't this wonderful news!!!  Thank you Gina for helping Devin to kick start my treatment the other week.
Looks like I am well on the road to recovery.

This turning 6 is some serious business and calls for serious nappies!
Z z z z z z



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