Monday, October 8, 2012

Friends and first frost!

Thyroid pill success!

Devin got me up for breakfast this morning and gave me my pill - without PB. 
Unsuspecting I was; little did I know that when I followed Devin into the "food room", my mouth was going to be jacked open and a pill was going to be tossed in there.  I'm pretty quick to figure out Devin's pill giving ways. Lets see how long I play follower the leader into the "food room" after this mornings experience. I like to make Devin work for things as much as I have to work for stuff.  As Devin says, NILIF  = Nothing In Life Is Free. 

This morning we went on a lovely walk. Someone forgot to turn the heat on outside though. I could see my breath and the grass was a bit on the crunchy side to walk on.  Could snow be just around the corner???? Weeeeeeee weeee weeee!!!
on the hunt
tra la la
I saw many a squirrel this morning, they don't really catch my interest. I acknowledge their presence then continue on with my walk.  I like to think that I'm ZEN like.  Lord knows I hear even of it playing in the house at times.  I'm still young and impressionable. :)

Once back home, I made my way into my nest and curled up for my morning nap. A little ways into my morning nap I found my friends.  They make great pillows.  F R I E N D S , Do you really need them "YES".
(my new mantra)
sheepie hugs

Friends make excellent footrests and headrests
 Corn Care*
Devin goofed with my homeopathic pills last night. I was suppose to get my 4 week pill, not my 6 week pill.
Lori was nice and wrote us back quickly to let us know that it won't mess up my treatment.  Once she's out of clinic she will write more.

Lazy day in these parts - Nana comes for visits tonight and tomorrow.
See you later Nana~!


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